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  • 004412 monika discord4

    @geniusofgta vehicle spawn names and dlc pack names are two entirely different things that have absolutely nothing to do with one another.
    @Suzerain001 it's supposed to be empty if a vehicle has custom sounds, since the game automatically matches the vehicle model name with the sound name in game.dat. whatever the issue is, it's on your end, and can't do much to help without any details. i can confirm the sounds work in a fresh download, and nobody has brought up any issues with the sounds while the car was being tested either.

    há 6 dias atrás
  • 004412 monika discord4

    Finally, an update!

    • Adds compatibility with Los Santos Drug Wars (1.0.2802.0).
    • Added new resource: Community trackID. This is a gxt2 file that combines the trackID's from all mods into one big file. This way, one will no longer have to manually merge these files, or end up with blank track names, or have to constantly update their mod(s) any time something changes. Unfortunately, I could not include everything as most available mods are overlapping with the game's default ID's. The trackid file is open-source on github, if anyone needs the text label names for any reason or wants to let me know of an update or addition to track names in their mod. The package includes two install options; manual for those who wish to drag-and-drop the gxt, and automatic which will install all languages (NOTE: this will overwrite the currently existing file).
    • Added support for GJ1996's RADIO_97_NCS radio station.
    • Added support for w/'s Shrewsbury Dart Pistol weapon.
    • Added support for w/'s Sidio Pocket Flashlight weapon.
    • Added support for w/'s ProLaps Telescopic Baton weapon.
    • Added support for HeySlickThatsMe's Vom Feuer Advanced MG weapon.
    • Added icon for the hidden Weazel News radio. If you somehow end up with it on your radio wheel, at least it won't be icon-less now.
    • Updated icon for Vladivostok Eurobeat.

    15 de Abril de 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @gdta5 replace carmodcols.ymt found in "update.rpf/x64/data" with the carmodcols.ymt included in the .zip

    24 de Outubro de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @gdta5 it's an issue with menyoo (it also limits to showing 1 or 2 addon license plates), not much i can do here unfortunately.
    i recommend using the simple trainer: or the ingame modshop (chrome paint section) to apply the paint

    24 de Outubro de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @deth :oof: *hopefully* this year lol

    24 de Outubro de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    Woah, it has been 6 years already? Now if only we could get a GTA game with the same number in it.

    Lore-less changelog:
    --- 08/11/2022 ---
    - Updated compatibility to GTA Online:The Contract (v1.0.2545.0) and GTA Online:The Criminal Enterprises (v1.0.2699.0).
    - Added three new plates: 6th Anniversary Plate, Lannahechee, San Andreas (LD Organics)
    - Updated random chance carvariation files with the new plate. The chances are:
    - 100% for San Andreas (LD Organics) [Youga Custom only]
    - 1% for 6th Anniversary Plate [select vehicles only]

    11 de Agosto de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @GJ1996 sure. can you post the icon that you want used for it?

    16 de Maio de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @toobalooboolama To be honest I gave up on checking PM's here because of the horrible notification system that doesn't show notifications until I open the inbox. I'll have a look later. And, no, I never fixed PMR/Santos Surf, unfortunately. I might get around to it when I have more free time.

    14 de Fevereiro de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    Version 1.11 changes:
    -Adds support for ali mc's 106.9 FM Hot Radio radio.
    -Adds support for my Flower Bouquet weapon.

    14 de Fevereiro de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    I love how the paint looks on that Sugoi screenshot.

    05 de Fevereiro de 2022