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The first license plate pack working as an add-on. Featuring 60 lore-friendly license plates; 7 from iFruit files, 1 from game files, 51 made from scratch, 1 designed by another person. All plates feature custom normal maps and other parameters such as text size, color, or placement on the actual plate. Kind of a shame Rockstar never added the plates featured in iFruit files, it would add some variety to customization.

--- CHANGELIST (08-11-2021) ---
Our staff at Los Santos License Plate Specialists is proud to announce that we are back! The last year was a tough year for us, and maybe for you, but we hope everyone got through it and is continuing to push through whatever else the world throws at you. Whether you're working on the front lines trying to deal with the unexpected events, or staying at home and coping by treating an anime dating sim character like a girlfriend, always remember that things can only get better.

So, today is a very special day for us. It marks the fifth year of us opening our garage for the first time. Yes, you heard it right, FIVE years. Never we would have thought we'd be open for a year, let alone for five years. Oh, how time goes by... still feels like yesterday.

Right, right, let's get to business. Unfortunately we had to close down last year due to the pandemic, and as such we have missed the 4th Anniversary stock update. That means, today, there are two stock updates packaged in one! One from last year, and one for today.

NEW stock (11AUG220):
• 4th Anniversary Plate
• Robada (Classic)
• San Andreas (Veteran)
• Willsylvania

Fun fact about the last one, we originally planned to include it with the 2nd Anniversary stock update, but due to the new state plate design not yet being finalized we had to leave a placeholder item in our catalog.

Now, as for today's NEW stock (11AUG221):
• 5th Anniversary Plate
• Cayo Perico
• Cayo Perico (Worn)
• New Austin
• New Austin (Centennial)
• San Andreas (Green Vehicles)

Strangely, we have received a large volume of pre-orders of the San Andreas plate for eco-friendly vehicles from.... JDM drivers? It's literally the standard, plain white, graphics-less plate but with a green font color. Our staff doesn't understand why JDM drivers of all people would flock towards it, but hey, we don't ask questions.

As today is a special day, we are also proud to announce that last year we have ordered a new set of license plate manufacturing machines. The new machinery allows us to create license plates in greater quality and durability than ever before. Meaning, in a future stock update, all current license plates will be remade using the new machinery. Those higher-quality plates will be sent out to all applicable customers free of charge, while all new plates will be available in higher quality by default. Of course, we will continue to have new stock made with old machines as an option.
We also plan to expand our stock beyond the great 50 states. Sometime within the next two stock updates, new options from our friends across the Mexican border will be available. Doesn't matter if you're here in San Andreas, or somewhere in the state of Lannahechee, or even all the way up in Sarthe, wherever you go, you will always be able to have your own little piece of northern Mexico.

Next up, some changes to our existing stock.

We don't know what happened, but the governors of THREE DIFFERENT STATES have decided to rename their states. I know, right?! We can see one state changing its name, but three? Unbelievable!

• The state of Maraisiana is now known as the state of Lemoyne. This is actually a change from last year which was planned for the 4th Anniversary stock update, but well... yeah. Historically, the state has always been known as Lemoyne, but some governor drunkenly decided to rename it one day. And, as a matter of fact, this is not the only state...
• the state of Coloverdo is now also back to its roots, as the state of Ambarino. For the same reason. What's with the governors and alcohol? No wonder only the trivial stuff gets done while the real issues are left to fester...
• Finally, the most beautiful and craziest state that is 'home' in our hearts is now known as Pantera. Named after its fierce state animal, it's sure to look great on your car. What was it named before? Miami. Yeah, we don't know why, either.

All stock has been updated and new plates sent out to our existing customers. Should you wish to rock the old state names, we have left a legacy option to allow you such.

We have also corrected issues relating to the following plates; Liberty City (Crosswalk) and 3rd Anniversary Plate.
• Following the 29MAR219 update which has updated the Liberty state plate stock, our embossment machine has erroneously been embossing the Liberty City (Crosswalk) plate with the new "Liberty" embossment, rather than the previous "Liberty City". This issue has been corrected, and the plates have been re-printed and sent out to customers who have previously purchased the plate.
• The 3rd Anniversary Plate, for reasons unknown, has been incorrectly implemented into our catalog and as a result unavailable. This issue has been corrected, and now you are able to claim the 3rd Anniverssary Plate for your wonderful vehicle.

Finally, we understand that the pandemic has affected small businesses the most, and as such we would like to dedicate a small section to other talented workshops in Los Santos who deserve more recognition:
Enus Plates by the A_mbien_t Garage
Princess Robot Bubblegum Plate Pack by sushiMcsushi's Fashion Shop
San Andreas Old Exempt Plates by bravo-one-charlie's Emergency Vehicle Workshop
• And if you're interested in plates from a "what if?" alternate reality, satyricon84's Autoshop has got you covered: Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack 3, Pack 4, Pack 5, Pack 6

This is all for our 5th Anniversary. Thank you for the continued support and we all hope to continue to see you for the next 5 years! 💚 💜 💙 ❤️
―Los Santos License Plate Specialists, 2016-2021-2XXX

--- Installation ---
See the readme. Or use the OpenIV package.

Currently there is no known way to get the plates to appear in Los Santos Customs. There are trainers (Simple Trainer and Menyoo for example) out there that allow to select added on plates. Another way to get them to spawn is by circulating them in traffic, which is, unfortunately, a quite tedious step. Nothing is stopping you from replacing existing plates, though, if you don't want to go through all the trouble of adding them to traffic and/or don't like using trainers.

To add the plates into traffic you will have to add their names into "Plate Probability" section in carvariations.meta - note that you need to use the correct plate names below;

- Liberty City Plate
- Liberty City Plate 2
- Liberty City Plate 3
- Vice City Plate
- Sprunk Plate
- Patriot Plate
- Shrimps Plate
- SA Lake
- North Birds
- Alderney Plate
- Robada Plate
- Lincoln Plate
- Epsilon Plate
- Miami Plate
- Classic Miami Plate
- Classic Miami Plate 2
- Good Desert
- North Yankton Plate
- South Yankton Plate
- South Birds
- SA Firefighter
- Alamo Plate
- Alamo Plate 2
- Alamo Plate 3
- Cataldo Plate
- Swampland Plate
- Cascadia Plate
- SA Coquettes
- LC Crosswalk
- SA Crosswalk
- SA Arts
- Colina Plate
- Coloverdo Plate
- Jefferson Plate
- Capital Plate
- Meskousin Plate
- SA Yellow
- Anniversary Plate
- Minnewa Plate
- yankton plate 2
- Misquakewa Plate
- Carcer City Plate
- Tanadux Plate
- Haiateaa Plate
- SA Retrowave
- Anniversary Plate 2
- SA Digital
- Arena Contender
- Arena War
- Anniversary Plate 3
- Classic Robada Plate
- SA Veteran
- Anniversary Plate 4
- Cayo Perico
- Cayo Perico worn
- Anniversary Plate 5
- SA Green
- New Austin Plate
- New Austin Plate 2
Thanks to OpenIV team for decoding carcols.ymt, Rockstar Games for leaving the plates in iFruit files, to _CP_, Cass, and The Vanillaworks Team for permission to create compatibility with their mods, to futurestoryteller for feedback and suggestions for the installation instructions, and to BLACKHACK09 for permission to use his Carcer City plates.
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