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  • Gtao65

    Could anybody find a solution for camera shake when you got wanted levels and you drive fast? No problem until I got a wanted level, then vehicle 1st person camera starts to shake. As fast as I drive as annoying this camera shake. As soon as wanted level clears, then everything is back to normal.

    04 de Abril de 2020
  • Gtao65

    @Jayden585 I would like to vote for an option without apc's as @so_funny_m8 has already requested.

    03 de Abril de 2020
  • Gtao65

    @Jayden585 Please don't get me wrong. I really like your new ideas and your mod, but how I play at the moment (my characters has no millions of dollars, body guards, full armaments), I found this too hardcore. Conflict with police is a core functionality of this game, and your mod make this part much enjoyable. Of course at end game I would like to see intense fights with cops all the way as well, with armored vehicles and bodyguards on my side! Just please keep an easier difficulty version of your mod.
    (Thanks for tip to change back which files from version 1.5!)

    01 de Abril de 2020
  • Gtao65

    @Jayden585 I would like to share my experience about 2.1c version. Only mod default options were used (no hardcore etc).
    Very intense chase moments all the time. Your are always under pressure by Police. You have to keep your eye open all time. You are never be sure you made it. You have to carefully choose when to do any crime, because above 3 starts your only choice is to be in good armament and in good armor. If you are unprepared (no fast car, no armor, no weapon), on higher wanted star levels you are better to just surrender instead.

    -Police all on your way despite of they do not see where do you try to escape. They have most times 6 sense. Doesn't matter they don't see you, they will know where you turned from your escape route. One time I turned to an unoccupied industrial area, but I didn't stop there I jumped to the river and I swam further away, I was all in cover. What I noticed they came from highway exactly to my direction regardless they have no clue where am I. I have this feeling all time with this new version. In previous 1.5 version I had no such issue.

    -Police cars spawns all on your way, doesn't matter where are you heading, they are see you or not. They are on every escape route. Above 3 stars, you have so little chance to find a way out. Police cars all over around on all road. Once I tried to escape with high speed on motorway, then right next to me on lane a police car just spawned from nowhere. IMO in this way how it works, it breaks the immersion. I had a feeling this new version has different purpose than Police Tactics Enhancement version.

    I do not know if it breaks compatibility with Better chases+, or what causes these issues, but I will downgrade 1.5 until then. In Better chases mod I can set from NativeUI menu how many police cars, helicopters etc. came after me in each wanted stars. This or some other mod's setting may interferes with this mod. I'm using Better Chases+, Stolen (by Daimian), Pull me over, World of variety mods which somehow related to cops and spawns intensity.

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    31 de Março de 2020
  • Gtao65

    I found out the police can easily snipe you with Stun gun from far range (about 100 meters). I think a Stun gun should be a close range weapon, it has wires which connect to the bullets for shocking the target. In weapons.meta file the range limitation of this weapon has been changed from <LockOnRange value="10.000000" /> <WeaponRange value="11.000000" /> to <LockOnRange value="80.000000" /> <WeaponRange value="60.000000" />.
    For my taste I changed these values back to the original (10 and 11).

    24 de Março de 2020
  • Gtao65

    @FattyJoeMan I can only download the older 1.5 version from this site, and as 1.6 fix says in it's description, version 1.5 really messes all cars' values with AIRTUG's data. Download link of 1.6 downloads older version.
    Could somebody give me a link to newest version please! Thanks in advance!

    17 de Março de 2020
  • Gtao65

    @Jayden585 I've installed latest 1.4b version and when I tested it, I had a feeling the police spawn very hard. I was surrounded all time, I changed back to 1.3b and it is seems normal. Are your sure we don't get the hard spawn version in normal 1.4 folder?
    By the way I really like your mod, policeman chases much enjoyable thanks to you!

    15 de Março de 2020
  • Gtao65

    @Wildmandan About Better Chases+ mod compatibility. I have noticed the police sometimes identify me without any identification percentage message as Better Chases does in its system (bottom right corner of screen). Does this mod using the Better Chases mod's way for wanted system and identification system? If doesn't, then could we get a patch? Thanks in advance!

    I copied from Better Chases mod's page how other mods should communicate with it:
    You can issue a warrant with newly public methods, example:
    BetterChasesPlus.ArrestWarrants.ActiveWarrant.WantedLevel = 1;

    13 de Março de 2020
  • Gtao65

    @Alex106 Thanks for update! I've tested a few hours and no more crashes using GTA V Remastered.

    11 de Março de 2020
  • Gtao65

    My game crashing going from Franklin house to near this location:
    I do not know if it is a timing or location issue. GTA Remastered, LA Billboards, Map fixes addons installed.

    08 de Março de 2020