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    This is an amazing mod! I have noticed though than with this script installed, my player cannot select any weapons other than the handgun. Everything else doesn’t seem to be useable. Does anyone know why this would happen? As soon as I remove this dll, everything works just fine.

    16 de Agosto de 2022
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    @Eyon This mod looks fantastic! Is this compatible with mp characters as well, or just story characters?

    19 de Dezembro de 2021
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    We need a mod like yours for Red Dead Redemption 2 for cigarettes. It would be nice to be able to light a cigarette and not just take one puff and put it out. Also be great to be able to walk with it lit.

    11 de Novembro de 2020
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    @SLB2k11 Hey I love all the work you put into this! It feels so much more realistic this way. Is there any way to add more police personnel to the various rooms? I see one officer by the locker room but other than that it's a ghost town except for all the civilians sitting in chairs. Thanks

    05 de Outubro de 2020
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    @Stifflerstiv sorry but is a trunk dummy? Is there any way to add this to other car models? Cheers man.

    10 de Julho de 2020
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    @Stifflerstiv Love your mod!! Is there any way to make your mod work with any of the police slot vehicles? I think it works with Police2, but none other.

    09 de Julho de 2020
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    @HKH191 any way to add some peds to these interiors to liven them up a bit?

    18 de Abril de 2020
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    @lunar berry Love the accessibility of these hotkeys! Thanks for making this script. Is there a way we can not only change the keybindings in the ini, but also change the animation we would like to use? I play mostly LSPDFR so being able to dig around a trunk is great, but I don't want to end up with a SMG at the end lol. Cop stance, note pad, medic stuff, take pictures, etc. would fit my needs perfectly. Cheers! Solid 5 stars

    21 de Março de 2020
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    @lolla3k ok good to know. Thanks!

    18 de Março de 2020
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    @Hunk I downloaded the newest version and it works great! Thanks! How do you make money though. I have a lot of money but when I check the wallet it says $0.

    17 de Março de 2020