PEV: Dispatch, Tactics, Ambience Remastered & San Andreas Law Enforcement Full Build [02-12-2024]



=== Official Project Enhancement V Discord ===
Make sure to join our Discord for suggestions, bug reports, support, and a look at what's going on. "".

=== About Project Enhancement V ===
"PEV is a collection of modifications to enhance Grand Theft Auto V without the use of scripts with many hours formulating ideas, conducting analytical researches, investigations, and tests, as well as working around the limits through every loophole we can possibly find to push the game's native files to its limits."

Now you might wonder what the difference between DTAR and SALE is.
Best way we can put it is like this: Imagine PEV being a movie. DTAR is the Jayden Cut while SALE is the Yorpie Cut
The base is the same, but there is differences based on personal preference

=== Project Enhancement V: Dispatch, Tactics, Ambience Remastered ===

DTAR is the remastering of Grand Theft Auto V's Dispatch and the AI's tactics and ambient behaviours, providing a complete rework of multiple files to provide a more realistic interaction between law enforcement, gangs, pedestrians and the player, with a new robust combative AI to push the player's boundries. Were also proud to present an entire lore friendly overhaul for the dispatch system that expands 5x greater then vanilla's dispatch system without the use of scripts.

- Built to expand Rockstars dispatch system to its maximum potential.
- Incorporates lore friendly agencies with new vehicles and peds across Grand Theft Auto V's universe with new jurisdictions.
- Police will procedurally use better equipment, send differing types of units, and differing AI behaviours based on your wanted level.
- Police will setup a search perimeter where you are last seen. Expect to escape this search perimeter to lose the law as police will try to contain you.
- And lots of suprises!

- Police now "protect and serve" not "obey and survive." As officers of the law, they will prefer to arrest you after 1 star. Law Enforcement now have rules of engagements such as stunguns, authorising marksman choppers to shoot and more...
- Pursuits are enhanced to introduce persistent police chases. Expect cops to maneuver through traffic and corners easier, with improved PIT AI. On-foot chases are also no longer a jog in the park, cops are faster, smarter and more agile on the run.
- Fistfighting has been improved to last longer. Expect brawlers to dodge, counter and throw hands more.
- Gunfights are now challenging, enhanced with a plethora of changes to push both the player's and the AI's limits to overcome and adapt. - always be careful with your flanks and prepare for 5 star pushes!
- Searches have been reworked from the ground up for a fair, and more suspenseful gameplay experience. Law enforcement no longer know about your whereabouts, searching from your last known position to a full-scale manhunt. Police behaviours have also been overhauled, now preferably working as a team while searching on-foot, clearing corners and walking cautiously.
- Stealth is now a fully functionable feature, as suppressed and melee weapons act as such. Only eye-witnesses are able to report crimes to grant a wanted level and witnesses take longer to dial 911. Emergency services such as ambulances, take much longer to respond to the scene. Making stealth kills more immersive. AI now has realistic perception and senses. You can now sneak behind an AI without alerting them. Helicopters no longer spot you instantly.

- The world is now alive. New custom, cut and increased amount of scenarios across San Andreas. Random events are also now more likely to unfold. Expect rivalry between gang members breaking out in the ghettos of Los Santos, and criminals mugging the player.
- A complete overhaul of pedestrian AI between the player. Pedestrians mind their own business more, and react much more realistically and dynamically. Player interaction with other NPCs is now improved, as you can now initiate conversations without random insults.
- Police previously searching for the player will "interrogate" and either warn the player for the crime in question or go for an arrest based on severity of wanted level.
- Refined the loadouts to provide a variety of weapons to make the AI more challenging, with a complete re-work for law enforcement, gangs, security and more peds for their choices of weaponry.

- Many quality of life improvements have been made to enhance the overall experience, such as brighter emergency lights, improving the voicelines for police officers, and much... much more.
- A lighter, stripped down version of the mod is provided through DTAR Lite. Designed to be compatible with other mods, utilizing only vanilla assets and limiting complex edits.

=== Project Enhancement V: San Andreas Law Enforcement ===

A Complete Overhaul to the Dispatch System
- A whole new dispatch system, with longer wanted level thresholds so the rising tension is reflected more and a lot more variety to units and more different departments joining in.
- Wanted levels themselves now also have a form of escalation to them. Expect to see SWAT teams at 3 stars show up after numerous police units were unable to stop you or expect to see FIB units spawn in at 4 stars after the first few waves of local SWAT teams have been eluded.
- Increased unit and vehicle type variety. Expect to see law enforcement roll up in armored trucks, APCs and even armed helicopters and boats as the wanted level reaches the max.

Expanded main jurisdictions
- The Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos County Sheriffs Department now have a whole new setup, both with an updated vehicle roster, new liveries and new peds.
- Blaine County now has it's own sheriff, the Blaine County Sheriffs Office which can be seen ambiently as well as responding to wanted levels.
- The San Andreas Highway Patrol is now the main responding agencies on the various highways and interstates around the map, as well as some of the goverment facilities you can come across.
- The waters are now patrolled by the US Coast Guard and they will also be the agency responding to crimes commited here. If you however are close to the city, you will instead see the Los Santos Harbor Patrol responding at lower wanted levels.
- Bolingbroke now has updated Correctional Officers and Park Rangers also have seen minor tweaks.
- Fort Zancudo now has it's own Military Police which will patrol the base and stand guard at various points.

New unit setups for all four local agencies which escalates depending on wanted level
- Each department now has it's own motorcycle unit.
- Patrol officers drive around in Vapid Staniers and Scouts.
- Detectives using unmarked Staniers will spawn in at 3 stars and will use faster cars at 4 stars.
- Responders respond at higher wanted levels and have better gear and drive a faster car, which includes the Interceptor, the regular Buffalo, the Buffalo S and the Fugitive. The car depends on the department. These vehicles are also used by detectives at 4 stars. They can also spawn in either the Bison or the Alamo depending on the jurisdiction.
- Tactical responders officers drive in marked Grangers. They have the best gear available for regular police officers.
- SWAT units can start spawning at 3 stars after a while using the unmarked Granger. At 4 stars the Brute Centurion can join in on the chase. SWAT also gets heavier equipement as the wanted level goes up.
- The Aviation Unit comes with marksmen now who use a Marksman Rifle.

Expanded unit roster and arsenal for federal agencies
- The FIB now has multiple devisions responding. There are regular field agents in Gresleys and Frogger helicopters, there is responders in unmarked Grangers and FIB tactical teams driving Enforcers and Annihilators.
- Marshals take the place of FIB responders out in the countryside. They use their own Grangers and also have Buzzards and Annihilators.
- NOOSE is the heaviest response you'll get. You'll come across TRU's in Brute Riots and armed Annihilators, heavy response units in Insurgents wearing heavy armor and using heavy weaponary, sniper teams using NOOSE Grangers and insertion teams using Buzzards.
- NOOSE also has a range of armed vehicles. Expect to see the RCV used to block of streets. The NOOSE also deploys the APC, also armed with a mounted machinegun. Last but not least there also is the Valkyrie helicopter with gunners who will use the heli its guns to engage you.
-The Coast Guard also has been heavily expanded. At low wanted levels they will use the Seashark driven by a single unit. Dinghys show up after them. Then responders in Predators respond and eventually you will come across tactical units in Patrol Boats who will use the boat its mounted machineguns against you. The LS Harbor Patrol have their own version of the Seashark and DInghy which they will use.

Other changes
- Paramedics now also differ on where you are, with LSFD responding in the city, LS County Fire Dept ambulances responding in LS County, Blaine County Fire Dept ambulances responding in Blaine County and SA Medical Response ambulances responding on highways.
- FIB, Marshals and NOOSE use DLC weapons as well now, including the Military and Heavy Rifle, Combat Shotgun and other...
- Regular responder vehicles always come equiped with a searchlight which they will use at nighttime.
- Searches now consist out of cops setting up a perimeter which can be seen as a giant circle on the map. The closer to the edge you get, the more roadblocks you will come across. You can wait out 1 and 2 stars, anything higher and you will have to get out of the circle to evade.
- 1 star cops don't recognize you, but will require you to commit crimes in their line of sight before they engage you. They also can use tasers to stun you.
- Ambient security guards no longer insta spot you during searches.
- All the AI changes regarding combat, driving and searches from DTAR have been included as well in SALE.
- Some police stations have been edited to match the jurisduction they are in and scenarios have been edited to further enhance some of the locations.
- The SWAT interior fix has been included and some interiors that can only be accessed by teleporter will have law enforcement inside as well.
- Cops will also react to your presense after you have lost your wanted level and cops are still around. After losing 1 star they will warn you to leave the area, at 2 stars they will vocally announce you are under arrest before you get a wanted level again and at 3 stars and up you instantly get a wanted level.

=== Important Information ===

HeapAdjuster, WeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster and Gameconfigs are required to run this mod. Without them, expect crashes to desktop.

Recommended Gameconfig:

Recommended Heap Size to avoid crashes to desktop: 2048

WeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster:

Combat Tweaks.ASI is required to have all the visual runtime packages. If you encounter problems such as ghost cars, and other issues, please install the packages here:

If you are using this mod with other mods, we suggest installing this mod last to avoid compatibility issues.

! Weapon Handling mods. - Weapon handling mods tend to replace weaponanimations.meta, which is a key component of DTAR and SALE for realistic search animations. Anything that replaces this file will break the mod. Copy and paste PEV edits to the mod that edits this file. If you use Immersive Combat Overhaul, a compabitibility file has been included which you can install.
! LSPDFR - Unsure. Base DTAR vehicles are not viable to arrest peds, due to how DTSWAT works, preventing peds from using the backseat of a patrol car.
! Vehicles.meta mods - Anything that replaces this file will break the mod. Copy and paste DTAR edits to the mod that edits this file.
! World of Variety - Not compatible. We would love to update it but with the mod being on Patreon as of now, we can't provide a compatiblity file as of now.
! Hanako's NPC Style Cover Animations - Not compatible.
! GTA V Redux - Not compatible.

DTAR Credits
Fenton - Riot Mapped, Fugitive Mapped, Insurgent Mapped, Buffalo-S Mapped.
YARD1 Merit Mapped, Gresley Mapped
- CP - IVPack's Mapped Enforcer & Mapped APC.
EUP Team Vest Models
Bad Company - Enhanced GIGN Uppr model.
Baud0412 - Hat & headphone headgear model.

Special thanks to Cpast for developing Combat Tweaks.asi. Jax765, and AverageKittenLover22 assisting occasionally with ped development issues and fixes. X3Mgamer for merryweather friendly fire fix. Janitor Guard for important .meta tips and feedback. TheGangjaman, & Vim for helping beta test with me personally along the way. Carl Johnson for finding usable enum for a 4th jurisdiction set and other enums, flags.. etc. And of course all closed beta testers involved, as well as the PEV & GTA V modding community helping along the way.

SALE Credits
- MrJayden585
My fellow PEV teammate and good friend, who allowed me to build my own version of PEV with his mod as a base and put in a lot of effort near
completion to help me finalize SALE to what it is now. He helped me update all the SALE peds and also edited Yards and Lt.Caines vehicle models
to include searchlights.
- CP
For giving the PEV team permission to use the Brute Enforcer and the HVY APC from IVPack.

The original IVPack mod can be found here:
IVPACK Creators: CP, Vanillaworks Team, Thundersmacker, RM76, TheAdmiester, Killatomate, GTA5Korn, Yard1, Lundy, CDemapp, PhilBellic, I'm Not MentaL,
sparky66, Insincere
- TheF3nt0n
For giving the PEV team permission to use the LSPD Cheval Fugitive, LSPD Bravado Buffalo S, mapped Brute Police Riot and mapped HVY Insurgent model.

Cheval Fugitive - Los Santos Police Department - Model by Rockstar Games, Model edits by TheF3nt0n, UV-Map by Lt.Caine, Equipments by NefariousBonne

Bravado Buffalo S - Los Santos Police Department - Model by Rockstar Games, Mapping by TheF3nt0n, Stock Buffalo S by Dani02, Equipments by NefariousBonne

Brute Police Riot - Model by Rockstar Games, mapped by TheF3nt0n

HVY Insurgent - Model by Rockstar Games, mapped by TheF3nt0n
- Lt.Caine
For mapping the Vapid Interceptor and the DeClasse Granger to allow liveries to be made for them and allowing people to redistribute these vehicles.

V Interceptor Default-Type

Model by Rockstar Games
UV-Map and template by Lt.Caine
Vehicle glass collision issues fixed by Yard1

Granger Default-Type

Model by Rockstar Games
UV-Map and template by Lt.Caine
Vehicle glass collision issues fixed by Yard1
- Yard1
For mapping the Declasse Merit, Vapid Stanier, Bravado Buffalo, Bravado Bison and Police Maverick and for allowing people to edit these models and reupload them.

Declasse Merit Mapped Variant Pack

Model by Rockstar Games
Converted to GTA V by CP
HQ interior by CP
Template by Lt.Caine
USAF Security Forces skin by AlexVonShep
UV-Map, thin LED lightbar, assembly and skins by Yard1.

Vapid Stanier Mapped SAHP-Style

Model by Rockstar Games
UV-Map by LtMattJeter
Template by Lt.Caine
Mirror lights by Netman
Assembly and skins by Yard1

Bravado Buffalo 1st gen Mapped Default-Style

Model by Rockstar Games
UV-Map, template, lightbar, assembly and skins by Yard1.

Bravado Bison Mapped Default-Style

Model by Rockstar Games
Skins by AlexVonShep
UV-Map, template, assembly and by Yard1.

Police Maverick Mapped

Model by Rockstar Games
UV-Map, template and skins by Yard1
- Ilayarye
For giving us permission to include the Declasse Alamo.

Declasse Alamo Emergency

Rockstar Games - original vehicle and police equipment models and textures.
IlayArye - vehicle model, UV mapping and templating, law enforcement variants, livery designs, working spotlights.
Eddlm - custom handling.
(Ambient) - screenshots.
Voit Turyv - modified Arjent models,Liberty lightbar remodified,rear TA original 7 slot.
11john11 - emergency lighting setups.
Jacobmaate - original LSPD and LSSD lightbar model.
GCT - short granger model
Skitty - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model.
Vx5 Voltage - police toughbook model, police console model improvements.
AlexanderLB - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture, police toughbook case and wallpaper textures, additional decals.
AlexVonShep - BCSO Logo and base assets.
Boywond - Alamo badges.
Jacobmaate - SAHP decals.
- Vx5 Voltage, 11John11, Ilayarye
For giving us permission to use the Vapid Scout.

2012 Vapid Scout Police Utility

Rockstar Games - Original Car Model, Textures, and Vehicle Parts
GCT - NFS:MW Model Conversion to GTA IV
Dani02 - Conversion to GTA V
Vx5 Voltage - Scout Police Model and Improvements
Vx5 Voltage - Ford Interceptor Style Wheels
Voit Turyv, Vx5 Voltage, Skitty - Interior Equipment and Textures.
11John11, llayArye - Mapped Vapid Scout
Vx5 Voltage - Centre Dashboard Console
11John11, Vx5 Voltage - Screenshots
MyCrystals! - Description
- Jacobmaate
For giving us permission to use the Brute Centurion.

Lore Friendly Lenco Bearcat: Brute Centurion

Created by: Jacobmaate
w/ parts from: Rockstar Games, Insomniac Games
UV Mapping: Jacobmaate
Optimised props: Jacobmaate
Carcols: Jacobmaate
Handling: Jacobmaate
Layouts: Jacobmaate
New Style Sirencontroller: 11john11
Old Style Sirencontroller: Skitty
Lighting Equipment: Jacobmaate
Vehicle Liveries: Jacobmaate
Improved LS City Seal: DiPierro
LSSD Assets: Jacobmaate
Commissioned by: Proelio Procusi
Promotional Media by: Jacobmaate, ukeyS, Jerry521 (& MyName (mod cover page))
- w/ and the boys
For giving us permission to use the Buzzard pack.

Nagasaki Buzzard Pack

Rockstar Games - The original model
TheF3nt0n - Livery mapping
11john11 - Huge amounts of reference pictures, love those
Ambient - Nagasaki two-tone liveries
AlexanderLB - LSPD/LSSD decals
- BeastyBill88
For editing Yard1s mapped Stanier model to remove the vector lightbar.
- The RDE Team
For allowing us to use the vest & helmet component used on the generic SWAT ped
and for the creation of Combat Tweaks, as it removes a ton of restrictions that blocked progress in the past.
Also a big thanks for all the help and feedback as it helped us shape the mod to it's current form.
Be sure to check out RDE here, they are working on a massive update so keep an eye on that:

=== Changelog ===
PEV DTAR Lite [02-12-2024] Hotfixb
- Fixed crash to desktop.

PEV DTAR [02-12-2024] Hotfix
- Fixed cops not using driveby behaviour at 5 stars.

PEV DTAR Lite [02-12-2024] Hotfix
- Fixed cops not using driveby behaviour at 5 stars.

PEV DTAR [02-12-2024]
- Fixed crashes for 1star cops.
- Improved LSPD Fugitive livery.
- Fixed unarmed female kevlar sheriff.

PEV DTAR [02-08-2024]
- Rebalanced and improved the dispatch system.
- Overhauled Combative and Pursuing AI.
- Rebalanced police spawning.
- Cops are once again marked normally on the map with red and blue flashing dots, making escapes a lot more better. In addition, searches themselves have been overhauled a lot with this change in mind, providing a more fair experience.
- Fixed a crash where fib uses broken idle animations.
- Fixed players surrendering to cops even though no cops are close to the player.
- Fixed tons of minor issues not mentioned above.

PEV DTAR Lite [02-08-2024]
- Improved combative and pursuing AI.
- Rebalanced police spawning, providing a more fair experience.
- Updated meta files to latest PEV DTAR update.
- Fixed players surrendering to cops even though no cops are close to the player.
- Fixed alot of minor issues unmentioned.

PEV SALE [01-23-2024]
- Fixed a crash in the airport caused by a vehicle which spawned there.
- Fixed two missions not being passable.
- Fixed mission not launching on replay due to outdated text strings.
- Fixed players surrendering to cops even though no cops are close to the player.
- Fixed tons of minor issues not mentioned above.
- Redid the airport scenario's for NOOSE PIA, they're back again.
- Cops are once again marked normally on the map with red and blue flashing dots, making escapes a lot more better. In addition, searches themselves have been overhauled a lot with this change in mind, providing a more fair experience.
- Animations have been overhauled, with new ones being applied to most cops.
- Police driving AI has been updated, plus they can now PIT you, ram you etc... again which wasn't possible before changing the pedtypes they had.
- 1 star chases are now actually a thing. It will take a short while before your wanted level jumps up to 2 stars instead of instant when driving off.

PEV SALE [08-22-2023]
- Removed troublesome airport scenarios causing crashes.
- Fixed some cars using the wrong sirens and/or lights.
- Completely redid weapon loadouts for cops.
- Redid health values for law enforcers.
- Added seperate FIB and NOOSE skins for the city and countryside area
- Added compatiblity files for Back on the Beat and Immersive Combat Overhaul.
PEV DTAR [07-14-2023]
- Released on GTA5mods, remastering DTE.
PEV DTAR LITE [07-14-2023]
- Released on GTA5mods, remastering DTE.
PEV SALE [07-14-2023]
- Released on GTA5mods, remastering DTE.

Modified for Project Enhancement V
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