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    If the discord invite doesn't work anymore, use this link instead:

    Be sure to join and check the latest progress as a lot has changed but the mod is finally reaching a stage where the endgoal is within reach.

    07 de Abril de 2022
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    - Once you exit the Union Depository, have a few police cars spawned in on the street, each with two cops behind it. Maybe two on main intersection you face when exiting and one more on each side in case the player turns left or right. Reason being because due to the location of the interior, right now you always end up in search when exiting allowing for an easy escape.
    - I haven't tested this myself so apologies if this is already the case, but allow players to leave the vault even if they haven't looted everything yet.
    - Add an option to skip having to buy the safehouse or have an alternative, so you can use this script even when playing through the story without needing to load the online map (as MP maps breaks some story missions) (maybe add an option to have the script load and deload mp maps upon entering/exiting the trigger?)
    - Set the player unable to enter the safehouse when having a wanted level as it can be used to cheese wanted level escapes (plus wouldnt be smart realistically to lead the cops straight to your hideout)

    14 de Fevereiro de 2022
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    @danistheman262 Small suggestion but for the bank on route 68 replace the police with a sheriff cruiser (sheriff) and sheriff deputies (s_m_y_sheriff_01).
    For the bank in chumash, replace the police car with a unmarked cruiser (police4) and highway cops (s_m_y_hwaycop_01) since its on a highway

    10 de Fevereiro de 2022
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    Very impressive holy shit, I wish I could see the vids you made tho as they are unavailable atm. Anywayz, the second you update this to ymap I am installing this one

    19 de Dezembro de 2021
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    Very nice and colorful, just like the real thing. I'm defo using this, well done man.

    Also to the close minded people on here, how about you give this man 5 stars and go shoot some rockets at it ingame or something instead of bantering here where no one asked and no one cares.

    07 de Junho de 2021
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    @toyota12345 Very awesome scripts.

    I have to small suggestions:
    - For this script, don't have the warehouse blip always loaded on the minimap but only when its in range, similar to your meth and counterfeit cash business script.

    - When you have a wanted level, don't allow the player to enter a business (for this script and also the meth and counterfeit business script)

    Other then that, excellent work.

    30 de Abril de 2021
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    @Slash_Alex So I've been running into an issue with ENT. I have only started noticing it lately, but I can no longer hear the police scanner. Now I know there is a 'no police scanner' option in one of the menus but even when disabling that I still can't hear it. Enabling it ofcoarse also means no scanner.

    I have deinstalled just ENT and I can hear the scanner again. Removed the trainer and its folder in the root and installed a new unedited copy and still the same issue. If this could be fixed, that would be great.

    Other then that, have been using this trainer for years and it's a must have to anyone who is looking for a good trainer, it pretty much has everything you could ask for.

    28 de Abril de 2021
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    Does it say if you are being chased by the cops as well? I know NFS has that featurs which is pretty dope.

    26 de Abril de 2021