Squads Manager / (Enhanced) Bodyguard Squads 1.0


Squads Manager is a mod that allow you to spawn multiple squads and manage them. This mod is an "Enhanced" version of the original mod called "Bodyguard Squads" from Eddlm

This mod has been made from scratch and is absolutely not a copy from the (Outdated) original mod "Bodyguard Squads". I got inspired and was a fan of the original mod "Bodyguard Squads" so this is why there is some similar names.

This mod use the LemonUI instead of NativeUI
This mod require ScripthookV and ScripthookVDotNet to work.
To install : drop all files in the archive into the scripts folder of your game root.
If you want to add a custom model, create a file under SquadsManagerModels with "PedModel" as extension and just write inside with a text editor. You can copy and paste the existing models and just edit them.

  • Max of 30 members by squads
  • Can carry 3 weapons
  • Can add an infinity of peds models in the .ini
  • Can add an infinity of vehicles models in the .ini
  • There is a passengers menu that allow the player to get in any seats of the closest vehicle
  • You can blacklist a seat to avoid a squad to take your "Seat" like the gunner seat
  • You can manage the groups relationships very precisely

  • Open The Menu With F10
  • Turn On/Off Order Mode With LEFT ALT

  • Left Click on a ped to order to the selected squad to attack the target ped
  • Left Click on a vehicle to order to the selected squad to (Get In/Get Out) the target vehicle
  • Left Click on the ground to order to the selected squad to walk at target position
  • Left Click with Left Shift Holded on the ground to order to the selected squad to run at target position

  • 0.9 Changelog
  • Go To Waypoint Is Working Now
  • Rappel From Heli Is Working Now
  • (New) Button For Player To Rappel From Heli
  • (New) Select Squad Health
  • (New) Select Squad Armor
  • (New) Button To Regen Health And Armor | Requested By : sidh1990
  • (New) New Squad Models Added
  • (Changed) Added Timeout To The Enter Order. Still Need Improvement

  • 1.0 Changelog
  • (New) Driving Styles Added
  • (New) Ability to set the drive speed
  • (New) Ability to set the drive style like "Ignore Lights, Avoid Traffic etc"
  • (New) Ability to set the drive stop range
  • (New) Helicopters Compatibility
  • (New) Ability for the AI to drive helicopters
  • (New) Helicopters Styles Added
  • (New) Ability to set the fly speed of helicopters
  • (New) Ability to set the fly altitude of helicopters
  • (New) Ability to set the stop range of helicopters
  • (New) Ability to set the landing speed of helicopters
  • (New) Order to land the helicopter
  • (New) Custom Models Added
  • (New) Ability to make your own models using the "Simple Trainer by Sjaak"
  • (New) Ability to change the player model to Squad1 selected model

  • Custom Models value -1 to random head
  • Models exporter key to easily export custom model files
  • Get In Passenger Key
  • Ability to set the keys in the .ini
  • .PedModel to .ini
  • Health Indicator

  • Improve the get in function
  • Squad spawn directly into a vehicle
  • Plane compatibility
  • Add siren button

  • Original Mod :
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