Thermite Bomb [Add-On | Sound | Anim | Icon | Lore-Friendly] 1.1


A pyrotechnic's wet dream device. Works just like termites except for metal, if there's ever a giant gate standing in your way - you know what to do.

At some point during development of Heists DLC and the PS4/XB1/PC version, Rockstar wanted to make the Thermite Bomb into a functional weapon or at least a prop you can use in the mission (like the briefcases). This obviously was changed and instead it became a literal prop to use in the mission animations.
This mod makes Thermite Bomb usable again, with remade text in higher quality, restored unused first person animation set, a custom sound bank which has a slight adjustment and of course it's functional.


1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Fixed slot (before the release i used sticky bomb slot for testing and i forgot to change it for the release)

Things to note:
* This mod features an icon, you don't require any modded files for it since Rockstar already created it and it is assigned to the weapon name and slot.
* So far there's a weird bug where throwing in first person will have a slight delay, hopefully i can fix that at some point but so far i have no leads on this.
* The custom sound adjustment adds the thermite bomb button press sound from pacific standard plant animation when you throw the projectile, Rockstar has not created a sticky bomb with overridden beeping sound so i was not able to replace it because i don't know how.
* Thermite bomb works like molotov except it's manually detonated and sticks to surfaces just like sticky bombs.
* Due to the weirdness of a sticky molotov functionality or some sort of hardcoded shenanigans, the behavior might be slightly weird, such as enemies comically dropping on the floor when standing next to the explosion.
* The remade texture details are not a 1:1 match to the original, the text is custom because it's impossible to read what Rockstar originally wrote, they have a higher quality model and textures on their servers but obviously no one can access that data. The flammable symbol comes from Jerry Can texture.
* Texture itself might not be the best since the original is 256x256.
* Other languages are supported but might not be perfect.


* Rockstar Games - Original assets.
* Codewalker/Dexyfex - Animation editing functionality which helped me fix a bug from unfinished leftover animations.
* The George#6192 - Ideas for remade text.
* Slick (me) - The works.


1.Open the zip and then drag and drop the "slick_thermitebomb" folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks.
2.Add slick_thermitebomb entry to dlclist.xml located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data (Look at original lines for reference).
3.Enjoy the hotness.
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