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  • F6e4df thebigtime

    u can edit core.ypt with codewalkers export to xml
    take the textures from blood and decals diversity and copy it to the exported folder from my core.ypt
    re-import the core.ypt.xml
    this way u get the textures from both mods and dont loose the particle effects from my mod

    há 3 dias atrás
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @-Sonic_Boom- thats the case with every blood mod...
    they are using the same files. if u only using the auto installer they are not compatible
    but if u manual install it and get a understanding how things work u can make them compatible very easy.
    it just needs a more experience, so stop using auto installers and take a look into the files

    há 3 dias atrás
  • F6e4df thebigtime
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @James20001120 yes
    read the changelog, all changes are in there

    16 de Maio de 2022
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @WXLlin modify the core.ypt.xml using codewalkers export to xml feature. making your own effects is not really possible, just check the xml format and u know what i mean :P

    15 de Maio de 2022
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @ShadowWorks doesnt matter if u only install those two mods

    12 de Maio de 2022
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    -Open the downloaded file with WinRAR
    -Navigate to \Custom Muzzle Core Effects\Compatible with other Mods
    -Install the OIV "Compatible with other Weapon Mods.oiv".

    this is copy paste from the readme of realistic weapon sounds
    read the readme next time

    10 de Maio de 2022
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @ShadowWorks what is rws?

    10 de Maio de 2022
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @Challee i only can think of that u maybe have metafiles of two different bloodmods installed
    or the fxdecal.ytd in x64a is different than the one in update.rpf
    however that bug never happend to me :P

    26 de Abril de 2022
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    you need to change <FlashFx> and <FlashFxAlt>
    to <FlashFx>muz_xm_revolver</FlashFx>
    unzip the oiv installer of immersive combat and you gonna see all weapon metas
    you need to install the Compatible with other Weapon Mods.oiv from my mod

    i included oiv installers that can be used by mod authors to make their mod compatible with my effect
    there also might be some fine tuning needed because the author of immersive combat is using high values at flashfx scale
    you may ask the author of immersive combat if he wants to include it, if its too complicate to do it yourself

    23 de Abril de 2022