Lower-End Car Variants [Standalone DLC] 0.4.1

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Version 0.4.1
- Buffalo headlights should no longer recieve window tint.

Version 0.4
- Added front licence plate to Buffalo.
- Buffalo glass is now breakable.

Version 0.3.1
- Fixed fatal error with popgroups.ymt that prevented traffic from spawning. If you used the popgroups included with the previous versions, please re-download ASAP.
- Fixed Furore GT, should spawn now.

Version 0.3
- Fixed Buffalo only having SA EXEMPT plate.
- Removed matte black default colour for Buffalo.

Version 0.2.5
- Added stock Buffalo. Model name is Buffalo4 if you wish to spawn it.
- Known issue: glass doesn't break.

Version 0.1.5
- Removed second set of exhausts, now the car only has two pipes.
- Fixed issues with the 2.7 badge normals.

Original Description
Have you ever noticed that most cars you see in GTA are the highest trim level? It's never like that in real life, I'm more likely to see a BMW 320i than a BMW M3, wouldn't you agree?. The aim of this mod is to add more variety in that sense, starting with the Tailgater.

Version 0.2.5 Includes the Obey Tailgater TD 2.7, a lower-end model of the Obey Tailgater, and the stock Bravado Buffalo.

Stock Buffalo Features:
- All features of the original Buffalo except breakable windows
- Entirely standalone!

Tailgater 2.7 Features:
- All features of the original Tailgater (breakable windows, working lights, interior, etc.)
- Custom handling. Slower, FWD, tops out at around 100-110mph ingame.
- Custom sounds. Diesel sounds used from the Speedo.
- Entirely standalone!

This DLC also includes a custom popgroups.ymt. You can use this to add the Buffalo and Tailgater 2.7 to traffic if you wish. It also includes a few cars that aren't normally in traffic such as the normal Tailgater, Buffalo S, etc. More information inside the download.

Copy the files in the folder structure to the correct folders in Grand Theft Auto V\Update (or any mods folder you have).
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