Proper Third Person Shooter Controls [FOR GAMEPAD ONLY] 1.1


Proper Third Person Shooter Controls Mod. [FOR GAMEPAD ONLY]


Read the installation instructions carefully, DO NOT skip any steps otherwise the mod will not work and will mess up your input while playing.


This mod changes some control mechanics for gamepad so the controls feel more like a standard third person shooter/action (Ghost Recon: Wildlands/Breakpoint, Uncharted 4, etc) changing some weird control design decisions rockstar has been making since GTA IV.


- Analog walking (Pressure sensitive walking speed)

- Start running by fully pushing the analog stick.

- Start sprinting by pressing LS Button while running

- Aim down sight while in third person mode (Press RS Button while aiming)

- 3-step (or 4-step - depends on a scope type) sniper scope zoom switching (Press RS Button while aiming with a sniper rifle)

- Quick weapon switching between selected handgun and selected primary weapon by pressing "X" Button while aiming (Just like in Uncharted 4)

- Disable the reticle

- Fire mode switching (Auto fire/Single fire)

- Settings menu where you can disable/enable some of the mods features


The mod will definitely conflict with any other mod that changes control mechanics or remaps the buttons. May (or may not) also conflict with the mods that use specific inputs I have disabled in control meta files (This only applies to "Standard FPS 2" third person scheme). The disabled inputs in meta files are still used of course but overhauled by this script and they're mapped to a different gamepad buttons. Analog walking feature will not work if you use some script mod that blocks player speed change. Camera shake feature will also won't work if you use any mod that modifies gameplay camera shake. If you encounter any conflict mentioned above, delete the conflicting mod or disable a conflicting feature in this mod's settings menu.


Using this mod has some minor downsides.

- After you have replaced the original control meta files, you HAVE TO use this script, otherwise some disabled controls will be unavailable in the game (For example "Sprint" which originally is binded to RB Button). All removed inputs in the meta files are binded and remapped via code in this mod. If you delete the "scripts" folder or ProperThirdPersonShooter.dll, you'll also have to replace the modded meta files with the original ones (Don't forget to backup).

- In any help messages in the game (like "Press this button to do smth") the removed inputs will be shown as a keyboard or mouse key icons instead of the gamepad buttons. However you still can press needed buttons on the gamepad, the real input exists but the icons of the removed inputs in the help messages can be misleading.

List of the removed inputs from the metafiles:


Once again - all the disabled inputs from the list above are working but are enabled by the script.


- Latest GTAV version [1.67, Build 3028] (For older builds see GAME BUILD CASE in USAGE section)

- LemonUI (SHVDN2 version!)

- Latest ScripthookV

- Latest ScriptHookVDotNet

- OpenIV or CodeWalker RPF Explorer


1) Put the ProperThirdPersonShooter.dll file in the GTAV/scripts folder.

2) Using OpenIV (or CodeWalker RPF Explorer) in edit mode, go to "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\control" folder and backup these files:
- standard.meta
- standard_fps_alternate.meta
(You can do that by copying those files to any place on your hard drive or just rename the extensions of those files, for example: "standard.meta" to "standard.meta_BACKUP" and "standard_fps_alternate.meta" to "standard_fps_alternate.meta_BACKUP")

3) Replace "standard.meta" and "standard_fps_alternate.meta" with the files provided in this mod archive and close OpenIV.

4) Start the game and when it loads, go to SETTINGS > GAMEPAD > THIRD PERSON CONTROL TYPE and change it to "Standard FPS 2", then select FIRST PERSON CONTROL TYPE and change it to "Standard FPS".


That's it. If you want to revert the controls back to defaults just replace "standard.meta" and "standard_fps_alternate.meta" with the original files you backed up earlier and delete the ProperThirdPersonShooter.dll in the GTAV/scripts folder, and change the control type to your preference in the game's settings.


-Gently push left stick in any direction to walk slowly and increase/decrease the walking speed by applying more/less force to the left analog stick.

-Fully push the left analog stick in any direction to run.

-While running, press the LS button to start sprinting

-While standing or walking (not running), pressLS button to enter/exit the stealth mode

-While aiming a gun press RS button to aim down the sights in first person view

-While aiming a sniper rifle press RS button to switch between the scope zoom modes

-While aiming a gun press "X" button to switch between selected handgun and selected primary weapon

-While aiming a gun, hold "right" on a D-Pad to switch between automatic and single fire modes

-Press LSHIFT + C on the keyboard to open the settings menu of the mod


-Press RB button to reload or to perform a melee attack

-Press "O" button to take cover

-Press "A" button to jump


The mod will work "out of the box" wit the latest GTAV version (1.67, Build 3028) but if you use older game builds you need to adjust the memory offsets in the "Troubleshooting" menu of the mod settings so the analog walking feature work. Sometimes when Rockstar updates the game the memory offsets are getting shifted a little bit and you need to fine tune them. If you have older game build and the analog walking does not work, open "Troubleshooting" menu in mods settings, check "analog walking doesn't work" and while gently pushing the left analog stick start changing the offsets until your character starts moving slowly. Then save the offsets by clicking the saving item in the menu. The right offset combo will be saved to the .ini file.

Example (known offsets):
1.67 Build 3028 offset combination: 10A8 x D40
1.57 Build 2372 offset combination: 10C8 x CF0

NOTE: This mod I've made for myself and I'm just sharing it with you. It is provided to you AS IS. No additional feature requests are accepted unless it is something that I personally like and want to implement to enjoy myself. However, feel free to report any technical issues and bugs you may encounter. Respond lag: from 1 to a few days.





-Added camera changing to third person while character's reloading a weapon in ADS mode and going back to first person when reloading is finished (Can be turned off in the settings menu)

-Added fire mode switch feature [auto fire/single fire] (Hold "d-pad right" while aiming)

-Fixed and issue with a weapon position reset to the right side of the screen while in ADS mode after reloading the mods

-Completed the "emergency" module in case the main script stops working so the player doesn't lose control over some disabled inputs in meta files if something goes wrong

Update 1.1 Note: Only the script has been changed. If you're updating from 1.0 version, you don't need to reinstall the included metafiles since you've already installed them earlier.

- gta5-mods page

- Steam page


DJ-LEXX - Author
justalemon - LemonUI
Complexicon - C# MemLib
crosire - ScriptHookVDotNet
Alexander Blade - ScriptHookV
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