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This is my first simple script for GTA V. This is allows you to use 3 abilities (mainly slow mo) by pressing the "Y" button. I know there are lots of better mods that do this function already but you need to toggle them on/off. The goal in mind is to let AddonPeds use similar abilities like Micheal's, Franklin's ability etc with duration and cool-down.

Note: you can still use these script with Micheal.Franklin And Trevor if you'd like.

3 abilities - available to use (Bullet Time, Driving Focus, Temporary Invincibility) one skill can be activated a time.

Bullet time - slows time greatly(0.25) and has a duration of 32s, Activated by aiming(must be on foot) and pressing 'Y'.

Driving Focus - slows time by half(0.5) and has a duration of 35s, Activated by being in a vehicle and pressing 'Y'.

Temporary Invincibility - slows time slightly(0.8) and makes you invincible and has a duration of 30s, Activated by not aiming, not in a vehicle and pressing 'Y'.

Skill Cool-down - after the a skill has ended. you must wait for 30s in order to activate them again.

Known Issues:
  • Pressing 'Y' twice or many times after a skill has "activated/on cool-down" will make the skill automatically activate after cooldown. (I will fix this on the next update, for now don't spam 'Y' when activating a skill just pressed once.)
  • There is no way you can cancel a skill you have to run it's course (will be adding skill cancel on next update.)

Planned Features:
  • Skill Cancelation.
  • An additional skill.
  • .ini file config(adjustable key config, skill durations, cooldowns and etc).
  • Screen Effects and sound effects while a skill is currently activated.
  • Skill duration UI(I might be using native ui for this in the future).


Just dropped the .dll file in your GTA V script folder.

Recommended Mods:
AddonPeds - The main reason I created this mod for. because AddonPeds cannot used special abilities.

Character Swap - Allows you to make the game think your Addon Ped is Micheal/Franklin/Trevor also makes for some funny story mode cut-scenes.

Special Ability Bar Toggler - Disable the special ability bar it is specially useful for AddonPeds since they cannot use special abilities.

Initial Released.
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