Realistic Handling for ata386's 71 Hemi Cuda' 2.0


Version 2.0 makes major updates to the handling physics and performance of the car including the ability to free roll without throttle, disabled the rockstar wheelie update and the removal of ABS. Power has also been completely reworked as I have recently found out the street Hemi that came stock in most passenger cars was closer to 500 HP and not 630 HP. The 630 HP claims I originally heard are closer to the output of certain limited production Hemis like the ones in the LO23 Hemi Dart.

Version 1.5 changes the power level from crank horsepower to wheel horsepower, this means more accurate speeds and acceleration as well as a more realistic and more noticeable difference between automatic and manual transmissions.

Get the car here:

This handling provides realistic power, top speed, gear ratios, center of gravity and engine sound for ata386's 71 Hemi Cuda' add on.

500 HP
150+ mph
Choice of 3 speed automatic and 4 speed manual transmissions.
Handling and braking are somewhere between fair and poor, You decide.
Quarter mile times are in the low 13 to high 11 second range depending on how well you get traction.

The 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda' is one of the rarest, most valuable and most overpowered cars in existence.
Over 16,000 1971 Plymouth Cuda's were produced but only 114 of them were factory equipped with the legendary 426 Hemi engine. Vastly under rated for insurance purposes at 425 HP @4200 rpm, actual output is roughly 500 HP @ somewhere between 6500 and 7000 rpm. Of the total 114 71 Hemi Cuda's produced 61 of them were equipped with 4 speed manual transmissions and 53 were equipped with heavy duty 3 speed automatics know as the 727 TorqueFlite, making the automatic variant slightly more rare. The rarest of all variants is the convertible with only 7 total units produced, 5 of them automatics and only two 4 speed manuals. Coincidentally a pristine convertible 1971 Barracuda recently sold at auction for 3.5 million dollars! The previous year model is slightly less rare with over 660 units produced but still commands a hefty price.
In any other configuration, (particularly the AAR or All American Racers package) the 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda was a fairly light and nimble car, but unfortunately the weight of the large cast iron Hemi engine is a notable detriment to the Cuda's handling ability. Due to the excess front end weight, braking and cornering performance suffers compared to versions equipped with lighter engines and the short wheelbase makes it somewhat unpredictable with this much power.
You might wanna let off the gas a bit when turning.

Inverse power by IKT is a must if you are sick of the game letting off the gas for you in the middle of slides.
Get it here:

For a more realistic and challenging driving experience on and off road check out my realistic surface traction overhaul mod here:

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