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It looks like we're not going to continue updating the mod but as an alternative to our retirement, we'll be giving you the source code for you to modify/create. Here's the source code:


  • This mod allows you to drive all vehicles in manual transmission, meaning you have to switch gears while driving. This mod is not intended for high speeds, the main use of this mod is for fun "realistic" driving.

    To enable/disable press either the "Right Arrow" on your keyboard or "DPAD Right" on your gamepad.

    To switch gears simply hold down the clutch and choose which gear you want, note you will need the correct amount of engine rev to achieve higher gears.

    X = Clutch [hold this key, then press numpad1,2,etc to toggle between gears] [Changing gears must be in ascending sequence {from 1st to 4th} with the "SHIFT" caption turns GREEN or the vehicle will shut down]
    numpad1 = 1stGear
    numpad2 = 2ndGear
    numpad3 = 3rdGear
    numpad4 = 4thGear
    numpad5 = Reverse [when Reverse is toggled, press W to reverse...]

    -Right Arrow to Enable/Disable the mod.

    *The vehicle you are driving will stall IF you shift higher gears without having appropriate car speed. DIFFERENT vehicles have its' own horsepower.So if you drove a truck which usually achieve 100+ km/h will not be able to shift between gear 3/4 [Slower cars might not be able to get to gear 3/4] . Heres some summary...:

    75km/h = 1stGear speed limit [shift to 2nd gear when you achieve this speed]
    110km/h = 2ndGear speed limit [shift to 3rd gear when you achieve this speed]
    145km/h = 3rdGear speed limit [shift to 4th gear when you achieve this speed]
    145 km/h - 200+ km/h is "auto".*

    This mod is completely configurable, you can change any of the keys to whatever you want. If you don't know which decimal belongs to which key on your keyboard, you may reference these websites:


    -Latest version of Script Hook V by AlexanderBlade [Please always check for any newest version of the plugin for your own best experience]

    Thank you for your feedbacks

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