Vought F4U Corsair [Add-On] 3


UPDATE, working machine guns added.
UPDATE 2, Added working gauges.

This mod will add the WWII era F4U Corsair to GTA5! I could not find a copy of this for V, so I have tried to make one. The plane has working prop, working control surfaces, working gauges, working congtrol wheel/yolk, running lights, interior light, working landing gear and wheels.

Machine guns working.
Works with carpet bomb script.
Plane has working custom collisions and all exhaust/fire/damage effects.
This plane is an addon and does not have proper LODs YET. It works fine spawned with something like simple trainer.

As always my models are NOT locked. If you can help me make any improvements on this little plane please contact me I would happily work with someone to improve this plane.

You can use it in your mods, videos, vehicle packs, etc, just PLEASE let me know and do not steal my little plane. This is the only F4U I know of for GTAV right now so if you think you can help improve it, please let me know so the community can have a nice version of this beautiful plane.


The Corsair is known for its beautiful gullwing design... and collision mesh seems to hate that. I cannot get the part of the wing between the cockpit and the landing strut to be a walkable area. The player falls through the wing right there, I don't know why. If anyone knows how to fix this, I have noticed it on sevaral planes with wingls like this. The collision itself works fine though, hitting objects just as it should.

The landing gear do not retract the way they really do on the Corsair. There is no current gear animation like that and I have not written one yet. That will be future update if I keep making planes.

Huge THANK YOU to SkylineGTRFreak for helping me learn how the gauges work!


Add the F4UC folder to your DLC folder using openIV


Next navigate to


Make a copy of DLCLIST by dragging it to a folder on your computer.

Next enter EDIT mode on OPENIV and add the following to your DLCLIST file:

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