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    @PermissionToLand sorry for the late reply, kind of forgot about it, maybe some other mod was the issue then, i had a very small modlist installed though and thought this one was the issue, sorry for the false alarm then. maybe it was immersive combat, or some script mods i\ve used might have been outdated and bugged (maybe roadkill.dll ). for the record, any slightest impact, not necessary an overtake, resulted in driver's death, whether ot was them hitting my car or vice-versa it was mostly me hitting them very slightly from behind or on the turn

    28 de Janeiro de 2022
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    i love the mod, feels really similar to the gta iv style handling which is what i was looking for, but is it possible to make npc drivers less prone to dying on the slightest crash impact? i get that it's probably realistic, but it kind of ruins the balance for me. i've been playing that story mode missiion for davin weston where you need to race two drivers on a highway, and even if i avoid their cars as much as possible, they just hit my car slightly themselves when i overtake them and instantly die, making the mission fail, it's really annoying

    09 de Janeiro de 2022