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    @yolo_0no There isn't, i'm just lazy and I think it's tedious to make OIV, think it means writing out code about where every file goes and there's too much files :(

    há 1 dia atrás
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    Like - ally, will help if attacked
    Respect - leave alone but i think can get into fights still not tooooo sure actually
    Dislike - more likely to fight
    Hate - always fight
    Ignore - ignore
    Who is attacking you when you are cop?

    21 de Julho de 2020
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    @Droopy20144 Sorry man not sure why it will be. Try restoring original gameconfig.xml maybe?

    @DanielVE That sounds right. It's the cultists who attack?

    18 de Julho de 2020
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    @fycrik I think it's only you? Conflict perhaps?

    18 de Julho de 2020
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    Hi, is that the only problem relating LSPDFR? I can make compatibility version. File is relationships.dat , just remove any entry of COP under Dislike or Hate, for any gangs

    18 de Julho de 2020
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    @shortdudebigwrld There is only 2 parts of this mod I can think of which might conflict, "popgroups.ymt" and "popcycle.dat", if they're not used together or "gameconfig.xml" if another mod required it's own one.

    Do you have maybe WoV or other mod which is big and might conflict with those files? They're about traffic systems. Try removing those 3 files/restore originals first I think.

    28 de Junho de 2020
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    @shortdudebigwrld Game fully updated? Is this the only mod you have installed?

    25 de Junho de 2020
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    Ay I just saw that you have car replacement pack. That's probably the main issue and why you get so much fps drop in the city, where is lots of different cars.

    24 de Junho de 2020
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    @bmc_nils Should be! I have like i5 and 1060 6gb, or something. What resolution you trying? Vsync off?
    Here's my graphics setting from C:\Users\Me\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\settings.xml incase you wanna try it.
    I run 2560x1440. I could 3840x2160 in vanilla game easily but running gta 5.5 I have to either set reflections, shadows, postfx lower or to lower resolution to 2560x1440. It definitely impacts performance.

    <Tessellation value="3" />
    <LodScale value="1.000000" />
    <PedLodBias value="0.200000" />
    <VehicleLodBias value="0.000000" />
    <ShadowQuality value="3" />
    <ReflectionQuality value="2" />
    <ReflectionMSAA value="0" />
    <SSAO value="2" />
    <AnisotropicFiltering value="16" />
    <MSAA value="2" />
    <MSAAFragments value="0" />
    <MSAAQuality value="0" />
    <SamplingMode value="0" />
    <TextureQuality value="2" />
    <ParticleQuality value="1" />
    <WaterQuality value="2" />
    <GrassQuality value="3" />
    <ShaderQuality value="2" />
    <Shadow_SoftShadows value="1" />
    <UltraShadows_Enabled value="false" />
    <Shadow_ParticleShadows value="true" />
    <Shadow_Distance value="1.200000" />
    <Shadow_LongShadows value="false" />
    <Shadow_SplitZStart value="0.930000" />
    <Shadow_SplitZEnd value="0.890000" />
    <Shadow_aircraftExpWeight value="0.990000" />
    <Shadow_DisableScreenSizeCheck value="false" />
    <Reflection_MipBlur value="true" />
    <FXAA_Enabled value="true" />
    <TXAA_Enabled value="true" />
    <Lighting_FogVolumes value="true" />
    <Shader_SSA value="true" />
    <DX_Version value="2" />
    <CityDensity value="1.000000" />
    <PedVarietyMultiplier value="0.800000" />
    <VehicleVarietyMultiplier value="0.800000" />
    <PostFX value="3" />
    <DoF value="true" />
    <HdStreamingInFlight value="true" />
    <MaxLodScale value="0.500000" />
    <MotionBlurStrength value="0.100000" />

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    24 de Junho de 2020
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    Not using for now but I love this idea & the work so far, so rate it anyway

    22 de Junho de 2020