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  • Gtao59

    Clean ass house, thanks! however, I cant get the chain link fence in front of the modded rolling door to go away.
    (chain link fence clipping with your door in other words)

    I tried deleting it with menyoo but it doesnt let me. I installed ymap and then tried menyoo/spooner but neither alternative worked. Any suggestions?

    06 de Setembro de 2023
  • Gtao59

    I was looking through the thread in case someone else had already asked but I didn't find anything.

    I need the INI explained... what does all this mean???

    Ex: VagosForgetTimerStarted, TIME, and at the bottom where each gang is listed as false for each character for example VagosBeefIn??

    Also, the min and max time for hit Values and the top of the ini TIME value... are those numbers in seconds??

    30 de Agosto de 2023
  • Gtao59

    @SnakeSlippers For sure man, thanks for the reply

    30 de Agosto de 2023
  • Gtao59

    @SnakeSlippers Have you found a solution?? I love the concept of this mod but yeah i get like the whole mf neighborhood coming after me

    29 de Agosto de 2023
  • Gtao59

    The shop blips are all in the ocean scattered around LS. I've walked into the grocery/liqour stores and I cant buy food/drinks. I deleted all the hotels to remove those blips but that didn't work. Also, I've been trying to slow the rate of food and water because in 1 game hour I was dead

    OH and another thing, when I eat/drink the animation plays but there is nothing in my hands

    27 de Agosto de 2023