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  • 20419d epsilonitelogo

    @Eddlm Thank you for your kind words! Your handling is also very enjoyable. Suspensions are definitely more lively:D and it feels like a highway cruiser/large curves. but I also really like the low speed corners and tail happiness of the original one

    11 de Maio de 2021
  • 20419d epsilonitelogo

    there is much much more work than just rebadging and changing the headlights of a model here, the whole car has different dimensions and shapes in certain parts, If you are unable to tell the difference it is your lack of understanding of 3d. the burnout car model is from 2008 and it showed its age, and had its much needed surgery at every body part. if you wanted the have the high definition burnout experience in gta 5, i gave you the option in the tuning parts with the original bumpers wings and livery. Also all other bumpers are edited to some extent to feel different than their real counter parts, just like how R* does.
    Thats the thing with picking such an iconic car in the first place, make it too similar to the real one, and oH iTs tHe SaMe cAr rEbAdGeD, MuH LorE. stray too far away from it and oH ThIs iS NoThiNg LieK SkYLiNe or in this case "just rebadged ikusa with forza bumpers and interior. by saying this you are disrespecting every hour I spent on crafting this model.

    I will fix the defragmentation and texture file size immedietaly! Thanks for the notices.
    Also thanks for the warm welcome. jeez

    08 de Maio de 2021
  • 20419d epsilonitelogo