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    Installed again to give it another try and it actually worked though still quite buggy but still nice to actually see the story line complete up to the launch pad as game kept crashing after Humans lab. I followed the instructions above but this time I'm using a cracked version 2803 of game as I got fed up with having to reinstall mods folder on my legit copy after every update which rockstar is doing way too often now! I have two versions installed one my paid legit version for on line and a cracked one to do mods and it works fine so glad I don't have to update when they want as I also use Redux as well and that had to keep updating every time rockstar did which is a serious pain and the creator has jacked in so others are keeping it updated thankfully but still takes a while. if your getting crashing make sure you have all required mods installed and its really important to try a different game config as that can effect it big time as I found out it wouldn't even load game till i changed config to a different one! I got mine off Github this one does various versions in one zip.

    next will install the fan based update to GTS see how that reacts hopefully it helps in some way

    15 de Novembro de 2023
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    Does the trainer have ability to spawn you clothes I'm trying to get the astronault suit if so could you explain how thanks

    15 de Novembro de 2023
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    @Mr_Cullen to uninstall just go into these directorys and delete these files this is following the manual install instructions but deleting instead of installing.

    1. delete these files in the GTAV main directory:

    delete these files in the "scripts' folder"
    "Space" folder
    GTS Scene Creator.pdb

    Goto the mods folder/update/x64/dlcpacks and delete these files "space1ng" & "space2ng" folders

    Finally, you can delete lines to dlclist.xml:

    15 de Novembro de 2023
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    @Mr_Cullen Just search for grand theft space files and delete them anything left over that you can't find won't matter as you have deleted the files that load GTS it in game.

    12 de Novembro de 2023
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    @nj5050 Sorry haven't been around I may try GT space again at some stage and try what you said thanks

    15 de Janeiro de 2023
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    @RudeCode There are no mods that will work for online without risk of getting banned

    07 de Janeiro de 2023
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    Map is full of holes! the roads seem ok but tubes and tunnels just falling through and not clear where start point is.

    21 de Setembro de 2022
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    Any chance of instructions on how to use in Menyoo! can't seem to find it in there!

    19 de Setembro de 2022
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    @GilbertJr yer have done all that. I did manage to get space running but had to follow some instructions about editing/deleting some files and had to skip some bits and go straght to shuttle! not really a working mod more lmore of a butcherd work around but that just makes crashing more likely so not really playable but got to see a couple of planets at least. I did run this in early days when it was first introduced and worked but not much happening. just a shame its sat on the shelf for so many yesrs and still no hope in getting it working again. I think this mod had so much pretential was supprised it never got going.
    Times now ticking for the release of GTA6 so not sure where that will leave Space project, I hope not binned and forgotten :(.

    16 de Setembro de 2022