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    When the scripthook update is out, and ENT automatically self-updates the vehicles for your game version so it should be a bit faster to update this time round.

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    No as that is a limitation in R*'s engine (it's either broken or fixed. There isn't an inbetween).

    That's weird. Are you editing the config inside the Enhanced Native Trainer folder in the GTA directory?

    With update 43 and later that shouldn't be an issue as I removed what was causing the loading screen issues (Xinput).

    Not sure what you mean. If you wanted to unbind something you can use VK_NONE as an option.

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    You can't, no. ENT was never really built to handle moving it about.

    One of the components you can equip is gloves. You'll have to Google the component IDs and what they correspond to however.

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    Comentário fixado

    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 44.3

    • Fixed the Compacts vehicle category now displaying in the vehicle spawner.

    Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:
    • Added a 'Fuel Gauge' option for the 'Fuel Consumption' feature. Fuel gauge is fully working now (the original code is by @ikt).
    • Added a 'Hide Fuel Bar In First Person Mode' option.
    • Added a 'Restore Tracked Vehicles On Game Restart' option. Your tracked vehicles will be restored next time you start the game. Fuel level in each vehicle also will be restored.
    • Added an 'Autosave Tracked Vehicles' option and a 'Save Tracked Vehicles' option for the 'Vehicle Tracking' feature. You can choose whether to save tracked vehicles automatically or manually.
    • Added some missing online interiors + fixed some bugs preventing them from loading.
    • Added an 'Online' submenu under the 'Bodyguards / Choose Model' menu. You can spawn online characters as your bodyguards now.

    • Improved the 'Player Model' option. It has been rewritten from scratch.
    • Improved the 'First Person Death Camera' option. It also works for NPC skins.
    • Improved the 'Vehicle Tracking' feature. It no longer removes tracked vehicles on character switch or on missions.

    • Fixed a bug in the 'Bodyguards' feature. A bodyguard could drop a massive amount of weapons on his death.
    • Fixed a bug in the 'Add/Remove Weapons' option.
    • Fixed a nasty bug under the 'Peds Weapons' menu. Some weapon categories weren't applied properly.
    • Fixed a compatibility bug between the 'Manual Respawn' and the 'Give All Weapons Automatically' options. It could hang the game sometimes.
    • Fixed a compatibility bug between the 'Manual Respawn' and the 'First Person Death Camera' options. Camera rotation didn't work under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed a bug in the 'Phone Bill' feature. It could disable your phone on the 'Prologue' mission.
    • Fixed a nasty bug in the 'Vehicle Tracking' feature. It could crash the game if the limit was exceeded.

    Known Bugs:-
    If you attempt to load the same IPL one after the other (i.e CEO office Style 1 -> CEO office Style 1 (Messy)) then the IPL will fail to load unless you load another one and teleport back.
    Some of the weapon tints (namely MK1 tints) use the incorrect name in ENT. This is a side effect of using the in-game names.
    Some vehicle mod options use the wrong category name (i.e Arena War vehicles have mods which use the same mod index as normal vehicles, but their contents are different).

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    Are you using the VK format? Does any other key work?

    The last option is to move ENT's DB to reset anything you've enabled and see if that is causing the issue. You can do that by typing: %appdata%\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer into the address bar in file explorer and moving the DB file outside that folder.

    há 6 dias atrás
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    That's pretty interesting as we use R*'s own key IDs for certain keys so it's odd that "common" keys (like the arrows etc) are affected by different layouts when they're really in the same places regardless of the keyboard you have.

    You can see if rebinding the keys (since VK_ keys are the same across different locales - they're just located on different parts of the keyboard) and see if that changes anything.

    há 8 dias atrás
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    At the moment you can't I'm afraid as we're working on re-adding bind support for controllers into the new controller system.

    If you're co-loading other mods - temporarily remove them and run JUST ENT and see if the crash still happens. If it does, go to ENT's folder in Appdata (type: %appdata%\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer into a Windows explorer window) and move the DB somewhere outside the folder and relaunch GTA to reset ENT's settings back to default values.

    há 9 dias atrás
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    Hm that's weird. We'll take a look.

    03 de Agosto de 2020
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Is your game updated? Those errors usually happen when you try and spawn a Benny's vehicle (or vehicle you've added Bennys parts to) without the DLC installed.

    Does Numpad 5 work? To exit, backspace or numpad 0 should work if you haven't changed the default binds.

    02 de Agosto de 2020
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    @Clark Higgs
    That was before we restructured how it loaded previews which is why it works. Going forward ENT is going to use the new system as it fixed crashes related to ENT not being able to extract the packed preview images so I'd suggest keeping a copy of the download as it'll soon be out of its support phase.

    30 de Julho de 2020