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If you've ever played through the game and then got bored because there was nothing left to do, this mod brings you fun and unique side-activities that you can play at any time! They aren't story-related in any way, and are mostly 3D era and Saints Row style activities that make zero sense but are fun to play.

Side-activity list:

- Stunt Show:
Basically the stunt mode from Crashday, get as many points as possible from flying, flipping, rolling and generally causing havoc around the city with your car.

- Derby:
Heavily inspired by FlatOut 2, this activity pits you against 9 opponents in the Vespucci Beach parking lot. Cars explode instantly upon their health bar getting drained, and you're disqualified if you don't hit anyone for 15 seconds.

- Car Thefts:
The ultimate map knowledge challenge, there are 7 cars you need to get, and this time all you have is a single picture per car. More cars will likely be added in the future to keep it challenging.

- High Jump:
Another activity from the FlatOut series, you can launch yourself out of your car at any angle, and with this you have to hit the target wall as high above the ground as you can.

- Insurance Fraud:
Straight from Saints Row, throw yourself into as many things as possible to rack up a crazy cash bonus.

- Pursuit:
NFS Most Wanted but with more explosions. Aside from bounty, there are also objectives such as trading paint, destroying cop vehicles and pursuit length.

- Drift:
Drift a modified Sabre Turbo down the streets of Los Santos, getting as many points as possible. Stacking drifts can lead to insane combos which multiply points gained.

- Classic Races:
Drive circles around Los Santos as fast as possible while avoiding traffic. You're on a timer, completing a lap will give you an extra 60 seconds.

- Bomb Run:
A bomb is strapped to your car, which will explode if your car's speed drops below the minimum shown on the HUD. Go through as many checkpoints as possible without blowing up. Each checkpoint increases the minimum speed by 10km/h.

- Survival:
Survive against an endless onslaught of enemies for as many waves as possible. Kills give points that you can use to restock between waves.

- Time Trial:
No traffic, no obstructions, just you and a marked route in the city. There are 4 medal times you can beat, finish the track as fast as possible.

- Speedtrap:
A race of up to 8 cars around a set of speedtraps, the racer with the highest total recorded speed wins.

Installation instructions:
Place the asi file in your base game folder.

Partial compatibility with v2699.16
Improved Speedtrap end camera
Disabled weapon usage in Derby
Revamped Derby menu
Added Damage Multiplier, Enemy Contact Timers and vehicle selection options to Derby
Vastly improved Drift handling
Added notifications in Derby when an opponent is wrecked
Added end camera to Speedtrap
Added car selection to Stunt Show
Improved Car Thefts menu
Added hit wall message to Drift
Drifts now no longer count after spinning out
Increased font size for all activities
Changed enemy models in Derby
Added Speedtrap
Reduced Time Trial checkpoint opacity
Added controller support to Derby menu
Time Trial end camera improvements
Added an extra set of car thefts
Car Thefts pictures can now only be viewed in the 5 second highlight period
Minor compatibility fix for other mods that might add gxt entries
Activity blips now don't break any unrelated blips
Added controller support to Car Thefts
Added cash rewards to Drift and Stunt Show
Added full end result display to Stunt Show
Added Time Trial
Inputs now no longer get recognized while tabbed out
The mod now no longer relies on ScriptHook threads (still requires ScriptHookV but this means reloading scripts with devloader will no longer reload the mod and crashes won't give a useless error and instead actual crash dumps)
Changed HUD colors in Bomb Run
Minor optimizations in Pursuit
Increased height targets in High Jump (75m, 90m, 100m -> 90m, 110m, 130m)
Non-police pursuit vehicles are now recognized properly in Pursuit
Added .ini defaults
Added High Jump
Improved spawns in Survival
Added Classic Races
Added Car Thefts
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