Rare Police Vehicles Spawn Naturally v2.2


This is a script mod that makes the rare police cars (FIB cars, unmarked cruiser, police buffalo, etc) spawn naturally at various police stations around the map.
Vehicles spawn when player is in range, to better use memory. Vehicles will respawn after a while.
There's a map of where all the vehicles are in the screenshots.
The full list of what vehicles spawn where is in ReadMe.txt in the download.

There's nothing you need to do once you put the two files in the game folder. No menus or anything! The cars spawn on their own, just go to a police station and they're there!
As with any script mod, this mod requires Alexander Blade's ScriptHookV, which can be found here (you don't need the Native Trainer that comes with it for this mod)

Added a second set of files within the "Files" folder that allows you to use a version of this mod that removes the snowy/old police rancher and cruiser from the La Mesa police station.
If you'd like to use the snowy cars, you still can! The old files are still in the download. If you want to still have the snowy cars, just ignore the v2 update.

The v2 update changes are as follows:
La Mesa Police Station now has Police Riot located at the North end of the police station around the side.
Paleto Bay Sheriff Station now has an Unmarked Cruiser (Sheriff Granger is still there, too)

v2.1: Greatly improved the quality of the screenshots

v2.2: Moved the location of the Sheriff SUV at the Paleto Bay Sheriff Station for those users who play with LSPD:FR. The old location interfered with the prison bus that spawns there. Also updated the respective screenshots to show this change.

* Please note, this mod does not spawn specific liveries. This is only an issue for the FIB helicopter, because it shares a model with Trevor's helicopter (as shown in screenshot). This means there's a 50/50 chance it will be the FIB helicopter.

*** The script itself was made by PlasticTangerine to create your own natural vehicle spawns. I did not make the script. I set it up to spawn various police vehicles at all the different police stations in the game
*** I do not take any credit for the script itself, only the configuration of it

PlasticTangerine's file can be found here

PlasticTangerine for the main coding
Alexander Blade for ScriptHookV!
NO569 for police spawn configuration

Map originally from here, modified by me for the vehicle locations in this mod

Installation instructions in ReadMe.txt

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