Prevent disable player pain audio 3.0

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This script prevent to disable player pain audio.

How work this script
Till version 1.2
Accesses and modifies memory address of disable player pain audio with a pointer.
The pointer doesn't work when player in interior or player equip some weapon.
The script will not work because can't get memory address of disable player pain audio by those.
It is thought to be more likely to occur in missions where character switches are performed at close range.
But one time be outside in unarmed, script will get the memory address and work.
Once the address got, script keep working till character switch.
May be should work most of situation except in mission.

Since 2.0
Add search by memory pattern to the address get process.
That will be able get the memory address even when player in interior and player equip some weapon.


Copy "PreventDisablePlayerPainAudio.dll" to "scripts" folder.

Improved address get process.
It made more compatible.
Script should work in many GTA5 versions.

Added GTA5 version 1.0.3095.0 to compatible version.

Added wait in failed to get address.

Bug in address get process fixed.
Removed .ini file.

Improved script speed in slow mode.
Corrected .ini file.

Added slow mode and .ini file.

Added GTA5 version 1.0.3028.0 to compatible version.

Improved script act in address get, may be reduced GTA5 crash.
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