New Street Phone Missions 1.5.1



New Street Phone Missions

A procedural generation mission mod, All the overground phones will now ring when you are near them.
To answer them stand in the corona and accept or decline the job.
There are six Map areas where the missions start most missions will remain local, some do require crossing the map.
Many of the missions have a variaty of start middle and end locations, also some have random endings with a few random events and hidden obectives.

Online Maps, i have altered the yacht used in a mission to one that requires loading of online maps, if you already have it loaded then it will consider it already loaded however if not then you will have a symbol stating 'Loading Online', this is not connecting to online just loading the IPL's for online, i have also set the '_USE_FREEMODE_MAP_BEHAVIOR, to false so no missing street furniture i.e, streetphones.'

The mission list


    -- It's trucking with variaty of trucks, trailers and destinations.
    -- buffed the payout.
    -- added damage value reduction.
    -- added a detach timer reminder.


    -- Getaway driving, pick any 4+ seat land vehicle.
    -- added damage deduction...
    -- nerfed the payout.
    -- added better robbers & cash lose FX.
    -- Removed Cops in helis.


    -- It's not a fetch quest... Just delivering ojects to locations...
    -- Timed delivlierys with a bouns for completing all deliverys.
    -- localized delivery areas 1-2-3 changed delivery type for 4, 5.
    -- made improvments to area 6 paperround.
    -- added a delivery counter.
    -- hundreds of new locations.


    -- Pick up the prisoners take them back to Bolingbroke.
    -- Added bus icon on bus spawn.


    -- It's not a taxi service... Pick up people take them to a destination...
    -- MOre locations.
    -- Reduced taxi attacks.
    -- Made the pick-up location mostly appear near to where you are when accepting new or reapeat mission.
    -- Passagers will warp into vehicle on third horn blast.
    -- added a total earning counter.


    Location 1:

    -- Fly a stunt plane in 'The Red Nut Air Race'.
    -- Remade the course.
    -- Added a timer.
    -- added directional corronas.
    -- redone the reward system.

    Location 2:

    -- Pick up the CEO's of Los Santos.
    -- Extended time before warp into heli.

    Location 3:

    -- Borrow a Brrrrrrt.
    -- Added damage value reduction.
    -- shortened the dog fighting time.
    -- buffed the reward.
    -- buffed the aircraft to take a few more hits.

    Location 4:

    -- Greef an Import/Exporter.
    -- Increased the LOD range on the barge props.

    Location 5:

    -- Crop spraying. Spray harmless death toxins on farms.
    -- added a Glyphosate counter.

    Location 6:

    -- Fly some tourists to locations around paleto and beyond.
    -- Added a destination counter.
    -- Changed the ending.


    -- Drive an amulance.. Fast.
    -- added a timer and total cash counter.
    -- made a still get the balance if you fail to beat the timer.
    -- added a three horn blast patient warps to abulance.
    -- added a corona to the patents.


    -- Follow a suspect with several random endings.
    -- make reward based on time spent in mission/vehicle sale price.
    -- made the target driver drive more agressvly (optoinal).
    -- Locallised the pick up point so no need to follow from one side of map to other till the mission objective is given.
    -- Fixed ambush ending from spawning attackers in walls.
    -- Buffed the payouts based on time taken and mission objective.


    -- Put out fires, save cats. Just normal fire fighter stuff.
    -- changed the rescue cat ending.


    -- Be johnny deliver player cars, then run away before the player shoots at you.
    -- Improved the ending adding a timmer and excape area on mini map.


    -- Land Sea and Air Races.
    -- Traffic removal.
    -- choice of upto 10 laps per race.
    -- Gta style race and lap counter.


    -- Find a hidden bomb before it explodes.
    -- With a timer, and area on mini map.


    Location 1:

    -- Tow a barge out to sea.
    -- Fight attacking mobs.

    Location 2:

    -- Fight for the yacht
    -- Recive a working yacht with fast travel, wardrobe, bar, jacuzy and more..

    Location 3:

    -- Phishing trip.
    -- Travel down Tongava River finding phishing signals.
    -- Requres good boat control.

    Location 4:

    -- Collect litter from Los Santos Flood Drain.
    -- 50 items to collect with a timmer.

    Location 5:

    -- Boat delivery.
    -- Deliver a choice of boats to one of many locations.
    -- Now cargobob compatable.

    Location 6:

    -- Hunting Aliens.
    -- Shoot down boat loads of actual aliens.


    -- Cash deliverys..Not a safe career choice in los santos.


    -- Assasinate without being spoted or leaving Dead bodies in view.
    -- Target must be stealth killed with a melee weapon, the guards any silenced weapon.
    -- Guards and target have view cones if they see you they will be alerted.
    -- Guards hold position or walk patrols.
    -- Guards are alerted by near by gun fire (i.e dont miss)and other dead guards.



Place the scripts folder in the zip file in your 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder.

Required Files

All the free DLC's installed...
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019
Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET 3.0.2

This mod uses all the vehicles avalable, these require an uptodate trainer so they don't despawn.
Any of these will work.
Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

- There is a lot of back ground process when accepting a mission and pauseing the game directly after receving a mission stops all the process causing a fail to find object error.
If you keep getting the script fail after receving a mission try to wait a few seconds before opening the pause menu after accepting a mission.

Future updates
-- Maby...

I have added a language file XML if placed in the scripts folder this will replace the in game text.

Change Log

Version 1.5.1
  • Fixed phone fail on menu quit.
  • Fixed ambulance mission peds in high places bug.

Version 1.5
  • Re-worked the options xml into an options menu.
  • Made loading in more compatable with Random Start.
  • Removed death/arrest option (is now just set to on) and added a prevent rockstart capture option.
  • Fixed fire cat mission fail, where the cat owner dies or flees from player.
  • Fixed the message instructions to Notification when bSubtitles are set to false.

Version 1.4.3
  • Had a missplaced 'or' command that could erase the players current vehicle.

Version 1.4.2
  • Left in a close action replay command.
  • Had spawn on boat comented out.

Version 1.4.1
  • Water- fixed the Ui time and count fault thanks to Kubanetz.
  • Fixed player ped faces not being customised when using wardrobe versions.

Version 1.4
  • Pilot- fixed the spawn hights of the planes.
  • Follow- fixed the search area crash/no vehicles appear.
  • Follow- & -MoneyMan- fixed amunation doors not opening when using a non storymode character.
  • Johhny- altered the complete delivery and player spawn.
  • Racist- given option to race solo also fixed some AI racer issues, fixed missing timer before finish line, and rerouted the cycle race area 3.
  • MoneyMan- Reworked the attack parts and leveled the pay acording to the attack difficulty.
  • Water- area one, reworked the defend sellers vehicle part now the vehicle barges have motion.
  • Water- area two, changed the del perrio yacht to the heist yacht, added option to keep the yacht as a player house.
  • Water- area three, Altered the signal area, tidyed up the timer.
  • Fixed the ring tone and bank alarm to use the in game 3d sound.
  • Changed the interaction Ui to use key/control symbols and display in top left of screen.
  • Now using natives to spawn vehicles so now has all the DLC vehcles in the spawn list.
  • I've found that the ocational bug of peds not following task sequences is because they are unsafe, so i remmoved them and made my own sequence snipet.
  • Have made a few more sequental randoms, which get reset on reload so the missions are more vaired.
  • The wardrobe saves your current outfit with some included. this includes freemode charicters and will use your saved outfits on random generated freemode charicters .
  • Added and change some of the dialogue, so if you are using a Lang.xml you will need to update to latest version..

Version 1.3.2
  • Made the job selection sequentual.
  • Changed the hitman missions to run in order 1-5 for all 6 areas
  • Fixed some script rejection problems.
  • Fixed a red nut spawn crash.
  • Fixed a persistant UI bar fault.

Version 1.3.1
  • Fixed Language files.
  • Fixed Red Nut Air Race is missing its time counter.
  • Fixed some script rejection problems.
  • Removed the on mission flag to fix the auto save problem.

Version 1.3
  • Loads of Bug fixes.
  • Revamped all mission see list..
  • Added new missions.
  • More options like Death/Arrest misson fail and driving style for follow missions.

Version 1.2
  • Fixed the multipule damage cost Ui, on bJohnnySpot missions.
  • Fixed the broken phones ringing.
  • Fixed followers getting removed with vehicle on prison mission and capture vehicle from follow mission.
  • Fixed missing code that resulted in Missing $ for doing Fuber,Amulance, and fire mission.
  • Fixed disgruntled taxi drivers not attacking the fubar car.

Version 1.1
  • Fixed the multipule damage cost Ui, on bJohnnySpot missions.--failed still not fixed.
  • Stoped the underground street phones from activating.
  • Fixed issue with drivers not driving.
  • Lowered ring volume and added a no sound if in vehicle.

Version 1.0
  • First release
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