GTA V Android Remote Trainer 3.3


UPDATE: Aug. 2018. App is updated to work on new Android devices up to Android 8.1 Oreo (targeted SDK 27)

With this mod you can use your Android phone as remote trainer, for now only have teleports, vehicle spawner and vehicle modifications.

To use this mod you will need:
-Android 4.0 phone
-Wifi Router
-This Android APP
-Latest Java
-Java Server (will be downloaded with mod)

Installation instructions:
1. Extract folder "java server" (doesn't matter where)
2. copy .dll file from scripts folder to scripts folder where your GTA V is installed
3. Download app on your phone :D
4. Done

Steps to run this mod:
1. Connect your phone to same (wifi) network as your pc, on which you play GTA V
2. Start java server (Double click "Run Java Server" file).
3. Start app on your phone.
4. Connect with your phone to java server (VERY IMPORTANT: ENTER IP CORRECTLY) (Just do this: open cmd and type ipconfig /all and check if your PCs ip address is same as one java server is showing)
5. Start GTA V.
6. When GTA V is up and running press button "page down" (above arrow keys) to turn mod on.
7. That is it. It is in beta so it can crash (very very rarely).

How to close:
1. Exit GTA V (only if you dont want to play anymore, if you want to play it go to step 2)
2. Exit app on phone AND java server will automatically close. DO NOT TURN OFF JAVA SERVER BEFORE YOU EXIT ANDROID APP, APP WILL CRASH.

Problem: You pressed connect on phone, phone changed status to connected, but server still waits for phone to connect
Solution: close app and close server on PC, then go to task manager and check if there is any Java process runing, if there is, shut it down. If not then just run server again and try to connect again

Problem: You are connected with server, and when you press buttons on phone server writes that he received command, but nothing happens in GTA V
Solution 1: Check if you turned ON mod, press page down (pgdn) button
Solution 2: Press insert (ins) button and then press page down (pgdn) button.

Problem: You enter PC's ip address and press connect, but phone is still connecting (your wifi is on, and connected on same network)
Possible solution 1 (Recommended): Allow java through windows firewall - add exception In step 6. locate java.exe (Default location: C:\Program Files\Java\jreVERSION_OF_JAVA\bin )
Possible solution 2 (Not recommended, on your own risk): Turn off firewall just to test if app can connect and then after testing, turn it back on

You can spawn over 170 different vehicles, and modify them which includes modifying:
-Windows tint
-Custom wheels
-Custom plates

- open/close doors, hood and trunk
- roll down/up windows
- turn neons on/off
- create custom teleports (3 slots)
- change time or sync it with pc time
- change weather

Also you have map on your phone (i know it is low res)

Known bugs:
-sometimes you must press some command twice to work (very rare)
-player location is not 100% accurate on map
-when fixing a vehicle, after about 8-15min vehicle will stop and player in car starts acting weirdly

Ads are there to try to collect money for some Java book to improve this mod :D :D i don't want to spend my money, just want to see if those ads can collect 20$ :D
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