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So this started as a menu for GTA Online and I have learned a lot about C since and now I have taken the GUI and put it in Enhanced Native Trainer base some ideas have come from me using other Trainers like Menyoo and Simple Trainer. All I really want is feedback on how I can improve this trainer.

ill be making this open-source soon for others to make there own trainers

Let me know if you come across any issues and if you have an idea I would
love to make your idea come true in the game

Update 1.0.3
added some stuff I don't remember but it has stuff that's new, old and fixed.
Did add stuff to the LSC a bit cleaner and clothing store should be better now and ill be adding a reset button later on in case you wanna go back to your old clothing.

Update 1.0.2
Added Models
Added three new guns
RC Gun Shoot any empty car and you now control it
Ghost Car Shoot any empty car and it drives off
Mind Control Gun shoot any ped and it'll kill itself or peds around the that ped will kill it
Fixed some small issues I forget
Removed dev submenu it made people crash

Update 1.0.1:
Fixed Vehicle Spawner (Would spawn Vehicle if you open a submenu)
Fixed some small spelling issues
Fixed some of clothing store options
Fixed LSC should now Let you upgrade Benny's Vehicles
Added Map Mods
Added Vehicle Key(Drives car to you if you're far away and some door options)
Added 1.50 Vehicle
Added scroll delay custom
Added Float/int delay custom
Added custom menu pos
Added a Dev Submenu for beta testing(Only one option for now)
Adding a new tp menu some of its done and Thanks to menyoo
for coords

This mod requires the latest version of Alexander Blade's ScripthookV plugin.

Press Insert while in-game to open the trainer.

Enter - Select/NUM5
Backspace - Back/NUM0
UpArrow - Up/NUM8
DownArrow - Down/NUM2
LeftArrow - Left/NUM4
RightArrow - Right/NUM6

Controller input is still in works for some options
Controller input:
B - Back
A - Select
D-PAD Down
D-PAD Left
D-PAD Right

Some of the options it has :
Portal Gun
Sticky Detonator
The Force

AI Driving
Container Rider
WWE Mode
Break Wheels

Vehicle Customs
Gun Store

Options in works :
Object Spooner
Player models
Clothing store

Much More to come
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