Latina Sofia protagonist [Franklin Replace] V1.1

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Latina replace Franklin V1.1:

Play as Sofia on gta 5 singleplayer, you can play all Franklin activities/mission,so no need to wait anymore(to 2025) to go hunting with high heels and dress ^^, if you have some story mode project/ideas, pm me :)

Main features:

-Facial animation ingame and on cutscenes.
-Fully replace Franklin, this character can play missions/hobbies.
-Hair/body/clothing parts have some motion, using several types of physics like in trailer.
-A lot of clothing (more soon:) )
-A skin tanning system(wip: now only works manually with hold ctrl+numpad1 keys)
-All Franklin shops replaced with Sofia shops, for clothing but also nails/custom tattoos and other things(coming soon)
-Heels elevation like mp_female, body get blood damages wound as well as most clothing.
-Ambient voice replaced to female, Pain sound/inhale and sometimes she can speaks with some english/spanish but just sometimes for now, will try to add more.


Head model:
With help from Alex189 and Saldin93.

Hairs models:
(edited nothing here, just converted).



custom heels;

!!!!!!!!BACKUP your game before install!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-a trainer menu(to change her clothing)

You can find install instructions in "INSTALL.txt" file

To change tanning, hold "CTRL and NUMPAD1" and to go back just press "CTRL and NUMPAD2" one time.

This model can fully replace GTAV main character,
I will add more clothing and custom shop scripts, to buy clothing/tattoos...

Custom female voice using AI is maybe a good idea for cutscenes voice.

I am also looking for a way to add other bodies, like GTA san andreas with ,.but this may require a food/workout system,
Bodies are already made but i didnt find a way to swith between bodies ingame for now.
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