Mjolnir Hammer Of Thor - Final


by JDeezNutz

This is a standalone addon - you will not have access to Thors powers with this weapon! - This is a model to replace the original hammer model with Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer!

To become the God Of thunder, download the Thor Mod.

TheMadBreaker's Thor model shown in pics:

NOTE: This model will no longer be updated.

- Improved textures
- Improved 3D model
- Better UVmapping
- Resized to scale
- New collision model

- Increased handle size
- Added correct chrome plating/patterns at bottom of handle
- Re positioned chrome rings, now have 10 and replicated movie layout
- Replica of Mjolnir used in Thor@ Ragnarok

- Decreased handle girth..
- Increased size of metal rings on handle, now more noticeable and accurate to movie
- Fixed a texture issue

- Modified model size to replicate movie Mjolnir more
- Adjusted handing position
- Fixed textures
- Corrected Collision model (Now correct size with better impact)
- Fixed shaders (Now Mjolnir will not glow at night but instead have a nice shine effect on Mjolnir no matter the time *Not emissive*)

- High-quality textures
- Model modified to represent real life Mjolnir
- Slight glow at night!
- Collision model!


1) Open OpenIV

2) Navigate to:


3) Replace both OR Rename the original files:

I.E "w_me_hammer - ORIGINAL.ydr" and "w_me_hammer - ORIGINAL.ydt"

4) Drag the files from the download in to OpenIV

5) Save and Close

6) Select Hammer in game.

You DO have permission to share my mods with the ONLY CONDITION of giving credit to the author (me)
and a link to the original download page.
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