Hawk & Little Pistol .44 [Add-On | Sound | Animated | Tints | Lore-Friendly] 1.0


Liberty City's finest - high velocity handgun with extreme accuracy. If you feel like a lucky shot, give it a try, punk!

This mod brings back the Pistol .44 from The Ballad Of Gay Tony, complete with a new high quality model, attachment support and tints.
Original mod was made by Equinox407 but several adjustments were made such as editing the barrel and hammer to match TBOGT along a new wooden grip.
Several model improvements were also made like patching holes in the mesh and removing flipped faces, essentially making it more game-ready compared to the original render model. The entire gun was also rescaled to resemble GTA IV version much closer.
Much like my previous releases, new textures were created with Rockstar's gun base texture to make it look closer to vanilla weapons and support tint palette.
This mod also comes with a punchy custom sound effect.

Stat wise, the Pistol .44 is essentially a short range sniper rifle. It has the same range as any other pistol but it's insanely accurate and it's bullets do pretty high damage*, at a cost of slower rate of fire.
* Damage value (60) was taken from TBOGT.
* The gun is stronger than Pistol .50 which makes no sense, but blame Rockstar for making Pistol .50 very lame. Be on the lookout for addressing this issue real soon...


* Rockstar Games - Original assets from GTA V (Gun base texture, 3d decals), GTA IV TBOGT (44 Automag) and RDR2 (Metallic Tint Colors, Grip Wood Texture)
* TestoTesta - Original 44 Automag model that was used as base for the mod
* Equinox407 - Original GTA V convert of the said model, TestoTesta has never released his model publicly but sent it to Equinox who released it as a port, that is how i obtained the mesh with permission
* Slick (me) - Model adjustments, fixes, texture edits, tints, addon, etc - the works

Available attachments:

* Extended Clip
* Scope

Available tints:

* Black
* Green
* Gold
* Pink
* Army
* Orange
* Platinum
* Metallic Gold
* Metallic Platinum
* Metallic Bronze
* Metallic Brass
* Metallic Browned Steel
* Metallic Blackened Steel
* Metallic Blued Steel
* Metallic Nickel
* Metallic Iron
* Metallic Silver
* Metallic Oxidized Brass
* Metallic Oxidized Bronze
* Metallic Gray Steel


* Due to the nature of this weapon and pistol 50 animations, the reload will not be perfect, although it's pretty passable.
* Similarly due to above, the slide will not always move when firing. This bug exists on vanilla Pistol .50 too.


1.Open the zip and then drag and drop the "slick_pistol44" folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks.
2.Add slick_pistol44 entry to dlclist.xml located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data (Look at original lines for reference).

Weapon spawn name is WEAPON_PISTOL44. I recommend using Zolika's trainer because it automatically detects addon weapons making all of this much easier.
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