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So while I tried to look around for a decent weapon realism mod, I couldn't find one that would've actually had recoil & spread that would literally make it hardcore/realistic. With every mod, everything just kept hitting heads 24/7 and that's bullshit.

Now here's an actual hardcore weapons.meta that puts some serious challenge in the game! I played throught the storymode with this and many other realism mods, and it was hard af!

For now, only the Assault Rifle (AK), Carbine Rifle (M4A1), Pistol (Beretta M9), Combat Pistol (Glock 17), AP Pistol (Glock 18c), Micro UZI (Mac), SMG (MP5) and both MG's (normal and Combat MG) have hardcore spread & accuracy.
And of course they're all a bit different, Beretta having slightly worst accuracy & recoil than the G17, and G18c having a horribly huge accuracy, forcing you to either shoot only from close distance or in small bursts. And I mean, it literally forces you to do it. Just a waste of ammo if you try shooting from far away with G18c, lol. And this applies to all weapons (AK worst acc/rec but better damage than M4 etc...) and MG's are... Well, MG's lol. Fucking powerful military weapons, so take a guess. :D

If you guys like this, i'll go ahead and edit the rest weapons as well if you wish. And also upload a better video, the current video is just a random video I quickly recorded to my friend over FB who was playing the story mode the same time with mods too.

Installation: root/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/ai/weapons.meta
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