Toyota Supra Turbo '98 (A80) [Add-On | LODs | 250+ Tuning parts | Sound]


Base model: Forza
additional parts: NFS 2015, CSR2, Asseto Corsa, Juiced 2, BigBoss93, Wanted188, HummingBird, Fox68

Main authors of the project:


Additional authors and generally awesome people:

BigBoss93 (visit his instagram for bonus awesome stuff:
SL95zer (GHOST)

If you would like to support me and get some really cool tuner cars - you can do so here:
If you want to see what im working on, check out my Discord server:

The one Supra to defeat them all - quite possibly one of the most (or *the* most) customizable car mods ever.
Has an extremely wide (pun intented for widebodies) array of body mods, interior customization, liveries, and a custom engine sound. It took a great deal of time and frustration to do this Japanese tuner legend justice, but it was probably well worth it.

Non-pirated post Casino Heist version of the game
Latest gameconfig
Packfile Limit Adjuster
Heap Limit Adjuster
Your favorite trainer (i use Menyoo) (Check benny's section of the trainer for the rest of the tuning parts)

For some extra rims download my rim pack

I will NOT provide any support to those who will attempt to tamper with the car and break it.

You are NOT allowed to:
Sell the mod or its contents in any way shape or form
Reupload this mod without my explicit permission. Permissions will be granted at the first of february 2021
Use it in any monetized server without my explicit permission
Use it in any sponsored Youtube video

- Beautiful and detailed stock base car (no pre-tuning)
- All basic game features (dials, hands on steering wheel, all doors open etc...)
- paintable interior
- Shaking engine
- Custom dirt map
- Template and liveries
- LODs (LOD0-4)
- Breakable glass
- 250+ tuning parts (not counting linked mods)
and more

For some high quality FiveM RP experiene visit my friend's Fivem server

please note, by default it supports both methods of liveries (tuning and sign_#) but you can achieve a better result by using tuning liveries (4k liveries as long as you keep them DXT5)
but when you use the sign_# liveries, if you tune the car (at least via menyoo) the livery disappears. so this is purely for development purposes. so livery artists, i strongly advise you to use the tuning method. and if you struggle with it, talk to me

If youve made a livery for this car and would like it to be included with the car in the next update, let me know! (you will be added to the credits)

This car was made to test the limits of what a car mod could achieve in GTA5 and so ive bumped into many issues along the way
so some sacrifices had to be made
ill explain this in more detail below
lights dont break - had to sacrifice them to make tuning lights work
with certain tuning parts and interiors glass will stop breaking. this had to be done in order to prevent semi-transperant materials from disappearing inside the car when viewed through the windows
Widebody kits are found in the front bumper section and are condensed into one part. this is to take advantage of the downforce mechanic that was added in a recent update.
Please note that not all parts will work with each other. some parts will clip through others simply because they were made to be used with certain other parts.
Also, due issues with game limitations, there is a specific order to how you should tune the car. the affected parts are widebody kits that replace doors, interior kits and liveries that have window parts.
you should first pick a widebody kit, then a custom interior and only then a livery. otherwise the doors or the windshield may disappear. rolling back the upgrades fixes the issue. please dont write about it in the comments, there is nothing i can do about it.


place the toysupmk4 folder in:

Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

now go to:

Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml

Open dlclist.xml and add the following line:


Use a trainer to spawn the car ingame ( i recommend this one:
The car's name is: toysupmk4
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