RX-7 Drift Handling [Definitive]


Update :

-Reworked the suspension, aimed to take more angle
-Improved the steering angle
-Raise the acceleration grip at the start
-Remove the noisy car move after stop
-Improve the suspension limit to avoid the tires to clip into the body

p.s : The car takes more angle by itself, that means that you will not be able to take a low angle like before
A video would be added to show how it looks
Update 2 :

-Added a "D1-like Spec handling, and a video

Hello everyone

Today I'm sharing my handling of the Rx-7 made by erfet :

It can be used for beginners and for pro's too

Based on my feelings about the game, my vision about drifting and its possibilities in-game

There are two videos explaining how I drift with the handling, with two little tips that can help

The "D1-like" Spec is a little improvement to make the car turning faster, inspired by an other handling
IT's more suitable to people who already know how to use the first one imo

And here is a map that I made recently :

Hope you guys will enjoy it, feel free to add your videos and make feedback of it

Because of recent stealing files and re-use of a part of some models I make, I need unfortunately to make a disclaimer :
By downloading, you agree that:
You are not allowed to re-upload my files, take a part of my mods and post it anywhere without my permission.

To have it, you need to ask for it in the post where is the model/the mod you want to re use

And don't forget to have fun :>
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