1912 RMS Titanic [HQ | Add-On] 5.0

.:RMS Titanic:.
>Converted to Grand Theft auto V,by: KAFAROS
>Handling and Add-On, by: FoxtrotDelta
>Working funnels script, by: CamxxCore
>Screenshots by MkElite
>Titanic 3D model ,by: Kyle Hudak

If you want, you can help Kyle Hudak and his team with the amazing game "Titanic: Honor and Glory"
Here you can visit World famous Ship: RMS Titanic. The ship will be the most detailed ship model ever created in the history of gaming.
>"Titanic: Honor and Glory" website:
>"Titanic: Honor and Glory" FB page:
From author:
I'm a huge fan of Titanic, since my childhood i wanted to visit this majestic ship
and now it's possible not only for me but for everybody (again BIG thanks to Kyle Hudak for his fantastic 3D model).
Converting this ship to Grand Theft Auto gave me some problems but now is time to leave the docks and begin maiden voyage.
I hope that you like it :)
Please feel free to comment.

5.0 >> Added enter method: "How to enter.png"

4.0 >> Fixed some collisions and bugs with model

1.0 >> First release


This is huge mod, so I'll give you advice: install it on good PC

1. Copy folder "titanic2" to GTA5\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

2. Go to GTA5\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and extract "dlclist.xml",then edit with notepad:

paste this line:

>>Save and replace "dlclist.xml"

4. Close OpenIV and run GTA5

5. Use trainer with "spawn by name" function (I recommend Menyoo: ) and type "titanic2".
> You can turn on/off light via enabling/disabling "Extra 1" using Menyoo trainer

>Use Menyoo to teleport into Titanic (instruction on 12 picture "How to Enter")

>If titanic starts "dancing" please change for few seconds camera to first person view or use "Airbreak" to reset ship position.

6. Working Funnels-You will need ScripthHokV as well as ScriptHookVdotnet:
> Once you have that, just drag the "TitanicFunnels.cs" file into a "scripts" folder in your base GTAV directory.

> For the funnel script to work correctly, you may have to spawn the ship with menyoo.

>If you sprawned second Titanic and Funnels don't work-reload the scripts with the insert key and funnels start work :)

Please do not reupload on other websites without my permission ;)

If you can, Please help me :)
I will be grateful :D

You want own car in GTAV? Please write to me ;)
If you want more vehicles
(normal vehicles and crazy vehicles)-Please donate my PayPal ( ) :)
Zmodeler costs $4.50/month
Tell me if you Donate-I add you on my list: "Thanks List" :)
And I send a gift for person who give me donation :D

>My e-mail:
>My FB Page:

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  • 49656e profilowe male
    Comentário fixado

    Solved problem with "dancing",now I'm working on fix this :)

    21 de Janeiro de 2017
  • Ba8d29 fanfiction fausto silva faustao uma ovotastica aventura 3379895,150420150905

    @KAFAROS Sorry for the late reply.´I´m sending it now

    23 de Janeiro de 2017
  • Default

    I got the files to move over, but now it wont launch the game. Says corrupt game file. I'm sure I probably did something wrong. I guess i'll just leave this mod to people who are smarter than me. Looks awesome though!

    23 de Janeiro de 2017
  • 49656e profilowe male

    @StupidZom6ie Do you have patched gameconfig file?

    25 de Janeiro de 2017
  • Default

    To sink the Titanic watch my video here -

    26 de Janeiro de 2017
  • 74e7f2 mafia (pc) 01

    @KAFAROS Realy I love it , it could be nice to add some classic music inside the boat :)

    26 de Janeiro de 2017
  • Default

    @KAFAROS Im still having the same issue with the ship going backwards and i cant find the airbreak option in misc for menyoo

    02 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • Default

    When I type in "titanic2' in the trainer it says "Invalid model". I think it has something to do with dlclist.xml but I don't know how to fix it. I have to type in that whole thing with titanic2 into it but in Open IV it does't show up on it, this might be the problem but I don't know. I don't know what else to do, I followed all of the instructions.

    04 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • Default

    @KAFAROS Please help me when i try to spawn it, it spawns but i get an error ERR_MEM.....
    is their any fix?

    04 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • Default

    @KAFAROS How do I drive the titanic once I get out of it? The boat doesn't become my boat when I spawn it and when try to teleport into the seat, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

    04 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • Default

    KAFAROS plz help me i have tried to install this mod on my gta 5 heaps and gta 5 just crashes my pc isnt bad it has 16gb of ram and intel i7 prossecor i dont understand?!

    06 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • 3f079a download (1)

    how do i spawn it

    08 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • Default

    Вище превода

    > Монтаж
    Това е огромен мод, така че аз ще ви даде съвет: да го инсталирате на добра PC

    1. папка Copy "titanic2" да GTA5 \ модове \ актуализация \ x64 \ dlcpacks

    2. Отидете в GTA5 \ модове \ актуализация \ update.rpf \ общи \ Data и екстракт "dlclist.xml", а след това да редактират с хартия за писма:

    поставете този ред:
    (I показа ТАЗИ ЛИНИЯ 11 PICTURE)

    >> Запазване и замени "dlclist.xml"

    4. Затворете OpenIV и тичам GTA5

    5. Използвайте Треньор с функция "мицел по име" (аз препоръчвам Menyoo: и тип "titanic2".
    > Можете да включите / изключите светлината чрез активирането / деактивирането на "Екстра 1" с помощта Menyoo треньор

    > Използвайте Menyoo да се телепортира в Titanic (инструкция на 12 снимка "Как да участвате")

    > Ако титаничен започва "танци" моля се промени за няколко секунди камера за първи оглед човек или да използвате "Airbreak" да изчисти положение на кораба.

    6. Работната фунии,-Вие ще трябва ScripthHokV както ScriptHookVdotnet:
    > След като сте, че, просто плъзнете "TitanicFunnels.cs" файл в "скриптове" папка в своя база GTAV директория.

    > За да работи правилно сценария на фуния, може да се наложи да хвърлят хайвера си на кораба с menyoo.

    > Ако sprawned втори Титаник и фунии, не работя-презареди скриптове с клавиша вложка и фунии започват работа :)

    Моля, не се качете на други сайтове без мое разрешение;)

    Ако можете, моля да ми помогне :)
    Аз ще бъда благодарен: D

    Искате собствен автомобил в GTAV? Моля те, пиши ми ;)
    Ако искате повече превозни средства
    (Нормални превозни средства и луди превозни средства) -Моля дари ми PayPal ( :)
    Zmodeler струва $ 4,50 / месец
    Кажете ми, ако Дарете-ти добавите в списъка ми: "Благодарение Списък" :)
    И изпрати подарък за човек, който ми даде дарение: D

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    10 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • Gtao47

    @StupidZom6ie I ran into this issue as well, and I have also found a solution. Just make a new folder titled "titanic2" and then put the rpf file inside. I hope this helps!

    25 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • 96a120 eud1

    @KAFAROS i tested its good but why u not put reflection on wood and on metals etc that have real reflection make it look like crysis titanic without any reflection is not so good

    26 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • Default

    awesome mod, ive been a titanic fan for a loong time now too!

    28 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • Default

    it is great and thanks to lachie1982 i know how to sink it! and i did! ehh im a horrible person...anyways itsa great mod but it does eat out my 8 gigs of ram and crashes my game...fenomenal!

    28 de Fevereiro de 2017
  • Michael

    JEEZ why this dont show up when filtering vehicles - boats? A hidden treasure!

    18 de Março de 2017
  • Default

    Did something in a recent update break this for anyone? I was playing happily with my little Titanic last night, then a download happened, and since then no amount of fiddling is making it come back :(

    há 6 dias atrás
  • Default

    @Hnagy78 I get the same @KAFAROS

    há 6 dias atrás
  • Default

    So I finally figured it all out but I spawned it in the house which wasn't a problem but it started sinking I'm assuming it's because it wasn't in the sea? Any way a brilliant mod :) Well done

    há 5 dias atrás
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