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Merryweather Security Consulting is predominantly a private military company, but they've dipped their feet into the security sector before. Now, they're getting a massive fleet improvement complete with lights and sirens to rake in those impersonation charges.

Vehicles include variations of different liveries, such as: Default, Humane Labs and Research contract livery, Ports of LS contract livery, Escorts and much more. Designs are based on a mix of the Dilettante and Umeni Zulu cars from WD2. Peds pack included.

How to install:
1: Go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2: Drop in "mwsecurity"
3: Then go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data then edit "dlclist.xml"
4: Enter "dlcpacks:/mwsecurity/" then press save
5: Done

Optional are simply replace with what is included, laptop screen will need to be replaced from within the vehicle's individual .ytd archives.

- Buffalo STX crashes some people's games, I don't know what causes this
- Few people have a headlight bug with the Caracara

Planned inclusions for future updates:
- Optional for different light colours: AMBER & WHITE combo or AMBER & GREEN combo

You will need Siren Setting Limit Adjuster for the lights to work correctly, as well as a custom gameconfig to avoid crashing on launch. Also REQUIRES Addon Clothing and EUP (2.0+)

V1.0: Initial Release (29/12/2021)
V1.5: 'The Red Update'
- Updated PEDs, all have redone textures as well as a new armoured ped and night vision
- Optional RED CARS and PEDS; kept seperate if one is preferred over the other.
- Armed Response Cars now have bullet resistant windshields.
V2.0: EUP Update (19/01/2022)
- EUP included, requires Addon Clothing and EUP
- NEW CARS (Mile High Club skins & Internal Affairs skins)

- sas994 - map Bison, Coquette, Gresley; light setup
- Rockstar Games - all original models
- Dani02 - stock BuffaloS; Bison, Scout conversion
- GCT - Alamo and Scout model
- Tall70 - Landstalker model
- Thundersmacker - GTA IV Bravado Bison
- LamboFreak - BuffaloS new headlight, custom sounds
- TheF3nt0n - mapped BuffaloS, Caracara, Stanier
- Voit Turyv - Gauntlet stock fenders and front lip porting; LSSD conversion; dashcam; Buffalo custom sounds; BuffaloS wheels; emergency light assets, texture assets
- ChevyJ - Gauntlet stock fenders and front lip model
- Jacobmaate - lightbar; LEDs model; Alamo boot model edit; dashcam; antennas
- 11john11 - BuffaloS rims; improved Fugitive, Landstalker; LASD style antennas; LandstalkerXL wheels; trunk equipment; improved interior console
- w/ - Caracara 4x4; trunk equipment
- lt.caine - mapped Fugitive
- DustyFlop - edited Stanier police model
- Vx5 Voltage - edited Scout police Model; Stanier steelie wheels; toughbook model; police console improvements
- Glennoconnel - Granger parts for trunk edits and taillight setup; updated Bravado Bison (Civilian Full-Size); side steps; rear trunk cover
- AllenKennedy - improved Torrence; Scout rims; fixed Caracara windshield issues
- IlayArye - edited Alamo police and Landroamer model; mapped Alamo, Scout and Landroamer; further Fugitive improvements
- Bravo-One-Charlie - black Grille; edit Torrence and buffalo model
- Nachtfliege/Nacho - improved LandstalkerXL, Buffalo SX; trunk organizer; wraparound pushbar; spotlight; cage; Landroamer headlight textures
- neogeo39 - Caracara paintable rims and plastic arches
- Skitty - Caracara front bumper, grille, bed cabin, some tuning parts; Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model
- AlexanderLB - BuffaloS and Landroamer badges, wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture
- BeastyBill88 - Coquette paintable rim
- actuallyTOXIC - Alamo: convert to PPV
-EUP DEVS - Original Models and Textures
ukeyS - Majority of screenshots
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