Los Santos County Police Pack [Add-on] 2.1

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"No luck in applying for the LSPD huh? Well don't worry, maybe the Sheriff's Office will take you? Oh, well there's always Blaine Cou- Even they rejected you? Ouch. Aaaand, you're no good around water huh, well that rules out the port police, and don't bother with Del Perro, they're only looking for glorified lifeguards. I'm sure some agency will take you slugger! No not Rockford hills, don't even bother. Huh, let me see here... Aha! Here we are. If you're hell bent on a badge and a gun, but don't want to have to call yourself what you are, there's always the LS County Police! Don't worry kiddo, you're probably overqualified, and the best part is, you can say you're a police officer, when in reality you're just a glorified hospital security guard."

The LS County Police pack comes with everything your egotistic, noticably mentally unstable heart desires! You'll get an ageing Vapid Stanier, complete with lightbar that's probably never going to be used appropriately, as well as a big soccer mom Landstalker painted black and white. And to top it all off, a lovely uniform that only idiots and geniuses will believe is actually real, and not just something you bought from a costume store on sale.

Changelog (2.1)
Fixed missing texture bugs

Changelog (2.0)
Added Landroamer
Added New Stanier
Reworked all liveries
Improved accuracy to that of real life

Changelog (1.3)
Added an improved centre console
Added an improved lightbar
Re-added door trim on stanier

A fully detailed credits sheet can be found here:
Credit Sheet

If there are any credits missing or incorrect please notify me so I can amend them.
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