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Southern San Andreas Super Autos Description:
"Today's muscle cars might look shredded, but we all know the gains aren't real.
Deep down they're all juiced-up phoneys, with nothing but a short temper and a tiny exhaust.
If you want some real all-natural brawn, you need to go old school. The big block under
the Impaler's hood trains by chopping wood, benching peaceniks, deriding the weak,
and for the speed freak, the Impaler makes a good DragMonster off the street and on the track,
there's just no faking that. It's Declasse's finest luxury car of the 1960s.

Flints Autos Description:
The Impaler R/T (DragMonster) idea came to me when I was using the Apocalypse Impaler.
I liked the dragster style of the Impaler, but I didn't like the Apocalypse attachments
and the style of the back wheels. I wanted it to feel more like a Benny's Custom Muscle car
and less like an Area derby car, with more customization options for Drag Racing.
Vehicle spawn ID: impaler7

How to install:
1. You need an OpenIV program .
2. Turn on the edit mode “Tab - File, item - edit mode”.
3. Put "drag_impaler" folder in: ( mods\update\x64\dlcpacks )
4. Add this line: ( dlcpacks:/drag_impaler/ )
to dlclist.xml in: ( mods\update\update.rpf\common\data )

Impaler R/T (DragMonster) [Add-On/Modshop] v1.8
NEW Features Included:
Vehicle Renamed, Impaler R/T w/Badge.
Main model switched to Apocalypse Wheels,
Optional wheels in DLFile changed to RT Wheels.
4 New Front Splitters.
Sunstrips moved to "Roof" category
Trim around the impaler was changed to chrome.
Added 2 new wheel arch trim options.
Fixed and reorganized exhausts.

{Past Update, History}
Impaler DragMonster IDM [Add-On/Modshop] v1.7
NEW Features Included:
Fixed front suspension movement.
Changed the vehicle handling.
Added 1 Carb, 2 Bug Catchers.
Attached Hood to the Hoodpins.
Added 1 new Drag Hood without pins.
All Blowers now remove the Stock Hood.
Included optional wheel version in DLFile
(IDM Apocalypse Wheels)

Impaler DragMonster IDM [Add-On/Modshop] v1.6
NEW Features Included:
New front suspension
Chrome stock front & rear bumpers
New front and rear bumpers with wheelie bar
New Engine Sound.
New Hoodpin Options.
1 New Exhaust
2 New Sunstrips + 2 Custom.
Removed Headlight cover.

Impaler DragMonster IDM [Add-On Extras Modshop] v1.5
NEW Features Included:
6 Supercharged Engine Blowers.
6 Front Bumpers,
6 Rollcages,
Smod Steering Wheels,
Smod Knob Shifters.
Smod Bobble-Head,
Smod Lowrider Plaques,
Smod License Plate Holders,
1 new Chrome tipped exhaust,
Removed original impaler hood options.
(will be adding hood pins instead of hoods because of the massive engine.)
Low suspension with camber wheels,
livery included in BOMW mod shop.
+ More to come in the future.

Known Issue:
Changing wheels does change the back wheels too without the drag tires
I tried to remove the wheels from the mod shop but didn't have any luck
So my advice when using this mod is don't change the wheels or it looks funny.

Credits to: Rockstar games, for their original models
and parts from inside game content and document files.

JxsonMxkxveli Twitter, Leaked Screenshots of upcoming 5mods content and builds by JxsonMxkxveli. I created a twitter page to share screenshots of upcoming build i am working on or to share patch notes on recent updates to my modded content. Link: The 5mods mature community is more than welcome to use this model for any type of mods they are creating, it was a (personal) model that I made to enjoy in my own game, however, I had a few of my friends that wanted me to upload it and a few other different mods of mine on this website, so I thought that I would share my custom mods. enjoy and have fun, please report any issues with the model to me if you happen to find any.
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