German Double Stack Wagon Passenger Train (DBuz747) [Add-On | Enterable | Interior Light] 1.1 [UNSTABLE]


This mod ADD the DBuz747 double stack wagon to the railroads of GTAV.
You can walk in the interior of the passenger wagon and you can sit on 3 different places inside the passenger wagon with the Simple Passenger Mod by Rooft0p
Do you want train stations to this mod?

This is the first Train Addon

About the DBuz747 double stack wagon:
Year build: 1992-93
Genus: DBuz(a)
Seat places: 131

The project was started December 2015 and i fight with alot of game crashes and bugs. I try alot of stuff the postioning of NPCs cost me alot of much more time.
Waiting for the train to see the result was a another problem. I was about to stop this project so I hope you can understand that
this mod is not final at the moment and comes very late after my BR145 convert.
Thats why i would really appreciate if you can give me some feedback to this mod.

About the Model and Credits:
This orginal Model is from Train Simulator 2015 Addon by M.Müller and the whole recreated detailed interior (seats, trash can, windows...) was scratched by MrGTAmodsgerman.
The Improved Trains Mod add to rail road version goes to Walter, BlueOrange and satrnv

Just use any free cam mod to get inside the passenger wagon or use the Simple Passenger Mod

⚠️You need a good PC to run this mod, otherwise it crashes your game at spawning on the railroad ⚠️
✔️ Addon
✔️ Headlights
✔️ Taillights
✔️ Burn Area
✔️ Enterable Interior
✔️ Random spawning Passengers
✔️ 3 different seat places for your player and your bodyguards
✔️ Interior light pushed to the limit of what is possible
✔️ Real mass for hits
✔️ Realistic dirt map
✔️ Original DBuz747 Door open/closing (Rotation dont work at the moment)
✔️ Bullet impact
✔️ Realistic Deutsche Bahn adverts
✔️ Realistic metallic looking exterior
✔️ Realistic train group spawning
✔️ Train group spawning with alternative Improved Trains Mod version
✔️ Skinable
✔️ Normal Maps
✔️ Increased Dirt Level
✔️ Realistic Interior walking sound
Current Skins made for the DBuz747:

You need Railroad Engineer Mod by J10 or any other Train Driver mod to get acess of all features

Pictures included
⚠️IF YOU LIKE TO CREATE A LIVERY/TEXTURE MOD, DO NOT UPLOAD THE YFT FILES & Credit Me than!! The best way is giving the link to my mod.


How to Install?
1.Copy the "dbuz747" folder to the exact same path as the folders of the "mods" folder in the download file was given
2.Extract your dlclist.xml file of your update.rpf (V\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml)
3.Now add *Item>dlcpacks:\dbuz747\*/Item> to your last dlc line (Watch the dlclist.xml example inside the "DLCLIST EXAMPLE" folder of the download)
4.Save and replace it with your original file
5.Now open the "Add To Railroads" folder and read the "Path and HowTo.txt" file.
Spawnname: dbuz747 if you want to spawn the model too see how it looks, but freeze the model because the game could crash when it hits the ground.
If you want to see the model driving, just install the trains.xml and wait for the train

Now if you like, You can support Me by donate a little bit to my PayPal account (Watch at my GTA 5-mods or GTAinside account) Or just give me feedback.
I want to remind You that this hard of work cost alot of time and supporting mods provides much better mods.

Current skins that was made for the DBuz747 wagon

Changelog 1.1:
-Add a game crash fix TEST that dont let the game crash after derailment and hitting on the ground by spawning via mod menu
PLEASE REPORT IF THIS FIX WORKS, Please tell me your experience with this updated version. Thank you

Known Bugs:
-Doors cant rotate on opening (unfixable with train door animation layout)
-Glass Crash data dont work (because a wried bug)
-Sometimes the game crash(reason unknown)
-Don't work with Rockstar Editor
-Sometimes a NPC sit at the same seat where your player sit
-Collision of the doors dont move with the doors (reason unknown)
-Derailment provides a game crash
-Not all seats are filled with passengers because it cost alot of time
-Little mesh bug
-NPCs glitching out after they going be shot in the wagon
-Spawning the wagon with any mod menu provides a game crash when the wagon hit the ground, just freeze it

if there is more, let me know :)

To Do List:
-Set passengers to all seats of the passenger wagon (if someone want to help me with that, just let me know)
-Fixing bugs
-Create a Regionalzug addon version

I hope you like it, Don't forget to rate
Give me feedback please to make the mod better! Or make a Video of it to Support Me
Thank you
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