Drift Handling [Trevor Goes Drifting] 1.1


Drift handling from the you tube video "Trevor Goes Drifting"

Any Car will take this handling, but the way the car handles will be unique to each car. Below is a link to the car I used in the video with the handling. I take no credit for the actual car mod however the handling was made by your truly.

Car mod used-

install: Copy and paste the handling line into your handling.meta like any other car mod and start your game, & go Banana-Hamy' on the throttle ;P

*tips for drifting*
-Personally i like to use a manual gear box mod using the real gears in-game not "speed limiting manual" mods. if that didn't make sense read it again and think about it :P with this handling the power gears are 2-3, 1st gear is for hair-pins and 180's 4rth is for straightening out our holding a longer drift on a long bank.
-Throwing or tossing, simple drift physics throw that bubble butt to hard... you end up smacking the wall or spinning out. Throw it a little bit you get a smooth drift((
-E brake, E-braking is for initiation or tightening up a drift that leads into a sharp/sharper corner.
-Breaking, breaking just slows you down. When to use this? well usually when you are about to crash or need to stop seems like a good time to use this :P seriously though if your drift was to sharp and your about to nose tap a car or corner hold the break might save you. The bake bias is front i believe.
-Throttle, well if you're new just pin it down and go hard in that paint. medium to advanced feather it this handling actually lets you control the drift (O)____(O)
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