Boeing 757-300 [Add-On | Liveries]

64cc5d boeing 757 300 condor wir lieben fliegen
64cc5d boeing 757 300 american airlines oneworld livery with ba 747 400 oneworld livery
64cc5d boeing 757 300 american airlines with 747sp
64cc5d boeing 757 300 delta with airbus a330 300 and boeing 747 400 also of delta
64cc5d boeing 757 300 icelandair


The Pencil off the skies!

Hi there, here i am with another editment off one off skylines planes. Let me know if you like it and be sure to drop any feeback down here

The 757-300, the stretched version of the -200, entered service with Condor in 1999. With a length of 178.7 feet (54.5 m), the type is the longest single-aisle twinjet ever built, while being shorter than the 187.3 ft (57.10 m) DC-8-61/63. Designed to serve the charter airline market and provide a low-cost replacement for the 767-200, the 757-300 shares the basic design of the original 757, while extending the fuselage forward and aft of the wings. Six standard cabin doors, two smaller cabin doors behind the wings, plus a pair of over-the-wing emergency exits on each side, enable the 757-300 to have a maximum certified capacity of 295 passengers. A higher MTOW of 272,500 pounds (124,000 kg) is specified, while fuel capacity remains unchanged; as a result, the stretched variant offers a maximum range of 3,395 nautical miles (6,290 km). Engines used on the type include the RB211-535E4B from Rolls-Royce and the PW2043 from Pratt & Whitney. Due to its greater length, the 757-300 features a retractable tailskid on its aft fuselage to avoid tailstrikes.

This model features all the same features as skylines 757:
- working flaps
- working ADI (in the cockpit)
- working doors
- other working control surfaces
- mod menu to switch between PW and RR engines

There are a couple off interesting features for this plane,
-with 5 functoning passenger doors its perfect to have an evacuation on board
-The mod menu allows you to switch between the Rolls Royce engines and the Pratt and whitney engines.

This Model will come with the following liveries:
- American Airlines (old super cool livery)
- American airlines (old super cool livery one world
- Condor wir lieben vliegen
- Icelandair
- Delta
- Arkia
- Northwest
- Transavia (Condor lease livery)

Feel free to upload liveries for it, just mention the model with me and skyline as author in the description

Credits and special thanks to:
- FoxUnitOne, for learning me how to mod and learning me
the base features
of Zmodeler
- Kiryu, for testing the mod ingame and making some cool screens of it
- My beta test group, for tesing the plane
- SkylineGTRFreak, for letting me use his 757 for this mod
- Iceman, for providing me with the model

I wanna thank you guys so much for letting me get so close to the whole modding experience.

I have some cool projects awaiting ahead so stay tuned for that.

CHANGELOG 1.0-1.1 fixed cockpit.
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