2015 Police Liberty Walk Mustang GT [Add-On] 0.6

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So basically what I've done here (again) is taken zQrba's 2015 Mustang Rocketbunny/Widebody, finished it, and transformed it into one bad ass marked/unmarked police car. After fixing a bunch of stuff (listed below) and adding a bunch, I've ended up with a slightly more complete version. This version is 99% bug free if installed properly. This version is by zQrba's description a Rocketbunny kit but IMO it looks more like a Liberty Walk kit so thats what Im calling it! I know the rims are horrible but no one will help me with some new ones so we are stuck with these til I figure it out! INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE AND IN README

Version 0.6 Changes
Changed audiohash to police3 for siren sounds
Please use menyoo to change engine sound!

Version 0.5 Changes
Extra 1 - Roof Light Bar
Extra 2 - Spot Light
Extra 3 - Ram Bar
Extra 4 - Laptop
Extra 5 - Speed Radar
Extra 7 - Rocketbunny Wing

Liberty Walk fenders - paint2
Rims - paint4

Fixed missing textures
Better reflections on car body
Mirrors reflect HQ environment
Added more textures to the interior
Changed grill mesh
Added reverse light
Added chrome accents to interior
Added working grill lights
Added Rocketbunny wing as extra 7
All police lights flash properly now
Fixed livery wrapping inside doors
Added HQ brake calipers
Made exhaust and badges chrome
NEW WORKING Dials light up and glow
Laptop monitor glows
Interior buttons glow
Glass breaks
ADDON only for now
**Tuning sorta works if installed properly
Included custom siren1 carcol.ymt

ToDo list
Better Template
Fix Bugs if possible
Re-texture original tuning parts
Change Rims < cant figure this one out!

**If you have ORIGINAL model installed in place of dominator, not all tuning parts will work properly but some will.
Windshield glass tints with the rest of windows?
Ram Bar stays attached in collision?
Please post pics of any other bugs you may encounter!

Light Smoke tint looks best
**For working tuning parts you need to install
the ORIGINAL model properly as dominator

Original vehicle/Model: TheCrew, WhiteAngel
GTA5 Conversion: zQrba
Police Edit: Masterschwag
Brake Calipers and new textures from
Speed Camera by johnclark1102
Setina Pushbar by NickieB
Rockstar for Lights and Wing

In OpenIV navigate to \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and extract dlclist.xml to your desktop. Open it with notepad and add the text below to the bottom of the list of dlcpacks, save it and put it back where it came from.

Then navigate to \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks and create a new folder called 2015wbpolstang and put my dlc.rpf into it.

Use trainer to spawn by name: 2015wbpolstang

OPTIONAL - To use my custom siren pattern just place my carcols in \mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data but please note, my carcols affects all police cars that use siren1 pattern and I do have flashing headlights and taillights enabled!

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