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    Does anyone have the ENB 0.275 files? Looks like Boris got mad at someone and deleted them -_-

    23 de Junho de 2015
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    The W/S shifting issue is only happening when the gamepad shifting is set to left stick up/down. All the other buttons seem to be fine. I currently have it set to right bumper AND left stick up/down to shift and that seems to be a nice setup.

    19 de Junho de 2015
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    Oooh, I see what you mean now. Yeah, with the shifting set to up/down on the left stick it will shift when using W/S.

    19 de Junho de 2015
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    So with manual trans enabled and with the regular 1.3 settings (aside from the gamepad edits) it's shifting for you with just W and S? I'm not getting that. I use arrow up/down for shifting (don't have a numpad), works a-ok.

    19 de Junho de 2015
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    I got the gamepad input working :)
    I changed the first if statement for "function ManualTransmission.actiongearup()" to: if (get_key_pressed(mtGearUp) or CONTROLS.IS_CONTROL_PRESSED(2,27)) then
    and the "function ManualTransmission.actiongeardown()" if statement is: if (get_key_pressed(mtGearDown) or CONTROLS.IS_CONTROL_PRESSED(2,19)) then
    Change the second number (27 or 19) to other numbers to change the controller button, values are listed below.
    A - 18
    B - 45
    X - 22
    Y - 23
    LB - 37
    RB - 44
    L2 - 10
    R2 - 11
    L3 - 28
    R3 - 29
    Select - 0

    Left - 15
    Right - 74
    Up - 27
    Down - 19

    Left - 34
    Right - 9
    Up - 32
    Down - 8

    Left - 5
    Right - 1
    Up - 3
    Down - 2

    Figured that out by copying code from Calm's keybind car fixer (with gamepad support) LUA script. Looks like your local dup/ddown from line 78-82 isn't really needed. Gonna play around with key configs to see what works best. Right now if you hit dpad up to shift, it shifts and the phone comes up. Then you have to get rid of the phone before you can downshift. I'm currently using right bumper (44) to shift up and dpad down (19) for downshift. Left stick up/down will probably be ok considering none of the gamepad controls are configurable but I personally don't like shifting on the same stick as the steering :p

    deleted/reposted comment to correct some stuff and add more info.

    19 de Junho de 2015
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    So, it looks like the gamepad controls aren't working (using a 360 controller). I changed the lines like the pinned comment says and also changed lines 130 and 148 (the if statements for button input have the old key.dup/ddown), but the gears won't change with any buttons on the gamepad. Keyboard input changes the gears though. Not sure if it's a conflict with the default controller buttons; dup brings up the phone, ddown is for switching characters but you have to hold it to bring that up..

    18 de Junho de 2015
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    Don't feel bad.. Metro Local is orange like rappo posted. Metro Express is blue like this. There's also Metro Rapid which is red, regular Metro buses which are white with an orange stripe, and the double long Metro Liner which is grey.

    17 de Junho de 2015
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    Sweet, glad to see someone is finally continuing on with this mod. Looking forward to gamepad support!

    16 de Junho de 2015
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    Ah ok, I see what you were going for then. As for the crush, yeah it's still a little slow and slightly unpredictable. I chased a guy down for a few blocks before his car ended up crushing, but others that I passed were getting smashed. Does it crush whichever car is closest?

    12 de Junho de 2015