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  • 2347a0 sporky

    Not all toggles are on the toggles.json, therefore, when you save the toggles, then it only saves what is on the list, the others that are not on the list, does not get saved.

    12 de Agosto de 2021
  • 2347a0 sporky

    @Uncle_T Yeah "Unable to find pattern #1"

    07 de Agosto de 2021
  • 2347a0 sporky

    2018 guys, have common sense, look at the game's build number, and look at the mod's date. Think before you do. This is outdated and should never be used.
    Current GTA5 build: v1.0.2372.0
    2018 GTA5 build: v1.0.1365.1

    05 de Agosto de 2021
  • 2347a0 sporky

    The "Sucking Grenades" function is super fun, but the only issue I have is when I shoot the grenade and it pulls everything in, it would crash the game for some reason, I been trying to figure out why its been crashing for awhile now.

    05 de Agosto de 2021
  • 2347a0 sporky

    @Fryterp23 Yeah, experimenting with things is fun lol
    But yeah, I think something didnt like a value either too much or negative values on certain vehicles causes it to crash. The game does run and play with it nonetheless.

    04 de Agosto de 2021
  • 2347a0 sporky

    Using the "HandlingRandomizer" function is super fun but unfortunately something with those values causes the game to crash, otherwise, super fun mod

    03 de Agosto de 2021
  • 2347a0 sporky

    @KienN_ Same here, I hate when rockstar messes something up in an update to make this stop working

    03 de Agosto de 2021
  • 2347a0 sporky

    @Leporello True, but this one disables the max speed for everything which I greatly need.

    31 de Julho de 2021
  • 2347a0 sporky

    Here is the logs

    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INFO] Log file created (NoBoundaryLimits.asi, build Apr 13 2021, (C) Unknown Modder)
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INFO] Detected Windows 10 Pro (10.0.19041.906)
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INFO] Using game version 1.0.2372.0
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] Successfully retrieved MODULEINFO: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe => 0x00007FF788F90000 (0x04886000)
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] Creating thread...
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] Created thread, id 0x2120
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] Reading settings...
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] patch_player_world_limits = true
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] patch_global_height_limit = true
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] patch_entity_map_depth_limit = true
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] patch_explosives_boundary = true
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] patch_entity_spawn_boundary = true
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] patch_entity_task_boundary = true
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] patch_camera_boundary = true
    [2021-07-31 09:36:12] [INIT] patch_velocity_limit = true
    [2021-07-31 09:37:12] [ERROR] Unable to find pattern #1
    [2021-07-31 09:37:12] [INFO] Freeing library and exiting thread...

    31 de Julho de 2021
  • 2347a0 sporky

    @ikt I can confirm this, after the update, it no longer works, the mod needs to be updated. Hopefully this can be done soon.

    30 de Julho de 2021