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    This should be STANDARD game settings.
    fck this autosteer and whatever it's not like driving with steering changing within a drift..
    Great mod :)

    27 de Outubro de 2017
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    @Nafizz96 Yes, but as stated in the info, they do not always do that.(Yet)

    09 de Junho de 2017
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    Sadly I don't, I'm new to writing scripts for GTA, actually this is my first script mod ever.
    I do programming for mmorpgs but I do have little knowledge of the GTA natives.
    Still if you like I can take a look at it and maybe we both learn something. My skype is kmc.kmc1.

    From the code of the script there shouldn't be any memory issues if I got nothing wrong,
    anyway I'm trying to rework the code to directly access the game information directly which will cost less memory allocation. Thanks for your report :)

    09 de Junho de 2017
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    As I didn't find a way yet to assign the values as the vehicles spawn the script has to loop through the vehicles/ collect their information, yes. ATM this is done once per second and uses the precomputed vehicle array from ScriptHookV, the code is written in c++ btw so performance impact should be negible.
    But feel free to test yourself and report the results.
    For the optional file, it modifies the vehicle lights and has a small hit on performance scaling with vehicle density.

    09 de Junho de 2017