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    they actually have different wheels, bumper, and headlamps 2018-2021.

    há 4 dias atrás
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    @razdva what a dickhead! hahaha. sorry about that, i have a hard time trusting people that want to "give mods" lol. totally glad you did go public because the wheel pack is absolutely awesome!!!

    25 de Maio de 2022
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    AMAZING! Thank you for this wheel pack, I’ve noticed the chrome CR Kai’s in another FiveM server and have been wondering where they came from, not realizing they were under my nose the entire time here on 5mods. Thanks again for sharing these with us, I absolutely LOVE the chrome variations of the different wheels - the chrome CR Kai’s and the Weds Grabens being my favorites in the pack. Thank you, absolutely stunning work on them! 💜

    15 de Maio de 2022
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    Absolutely love this model, and especially thankful for the DoLuck trunk! I'm an EVO 8/9 guy (own an 8 IRL), but this X model is amazing!!

    03 de Maio de 2022
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    Ohh, my apologies. I was under the impression from other players in my server that they weren’t working. That’s what happens when you listen to others instead of trying it out on your own lol. Can’t wait to give the FFB overhaul a try! Thanks again @ikt !!

    01 de Abril de 2022
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    For FiveM users - ikt does not provide FiveM support. Use older versions for FiveM. If you'd like, you can join his Discord and other users and devs sometimes will provide hotfixes themselves for the mod and post them there.

    Even though you don't provide FiveM support, the older version still works seamlessly and is quite easily my most favorite mod to the game @ikt. It's just mind blowing how well it works with wheel support and I'm particularly impressed with the automatic transmission shift logic. I still love and appreciate it, thank you for your hard work!

    31 de Março de 2022
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    LOVE IT! Thank you so much for this! Also have me anxious for the Maxima & CR-V!

    Could you also do the wheels as colorable so we could do a Pilot Elite Black? The managers at my job drive them as demo's, would be could to do here too lmao. If not, still a FIRE model!

    07 de Março de 2022
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    I agree. This is probably the best custom car sounds mod, all of the others do not sound believable at all. You did an amazing job! Might I request a 4G63 sound mod? Something similar to how it sounds in NFS Heat or in Assetto Corsa. I'll gladly commission this if you were interested. :)

    30 de Setembro de 2021
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    finally! jordan1 hi's for MP! thank you so much!!!

    21 de Setembro de 2021
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    Yoooo - looking forward to all the cars on your list there! Certainly anxious!

    28 de Março de 2021