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    Took another look - The <Item> line for the carcols.meta is missing down at the a90_AUTOGEN section as well I see now. Welp, getting home in about 1.5h and I'll see if I can get it to work on my PC and I'll share.

    há 12 minutos atrás
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    Just checked again: You also changed the directory of the meta files, from A90\dlc.rpf\data to A90\dlc.rpf\common\data, so you'd need to edit the content.xml for that too and add the \common part before the \data part to every line for the metas.

    há 21 minutos atrás
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    At work atm so I don't have the game installed here but I took a quick look at the archive - the context.xml file now needs changing again since you changed the location of the vehicles.rpf from A90\dlc.rpf\x64 to A90\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5.

    So basically change this:

    dlc_a90:/%PLATFORM%/vehicles.rpf ---> dlc_a90:/%PLATFORM%/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf

    And the same for the section under a90_AUTOGEN, a few lines below.

    And you may want to add this to the file as well to content.xml:

    <overlay value="false" />
    <disabled value="true" />
    <persistent value="true" />

    For when you add tuning stuff in that currently empty vehiclemods.rpf that you got in the archive.

    há 1 hora atrás
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    @supun997 Well the model's locked, the author themselves would have to do the interior thing. If they send us an unlocked model, there's more things that need fixing actually, as Rennie mentioned above - the car's got some holes around you can see through, but it's still pretty good.

    há 2 horas atrás
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    @ibrahim khan Haven't tried the new update yet, I'll check it out in a few hours. Rennie above said the vehicles.meta still has issues, idk. I didn't create a clean one, I just added the livery flag to the existing one in the mod, which is indeed copied from another mod (Chrysler SRT 300C or whatever). I'll look into it when I'm free.

    há 2 horas atrás
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    @ArcticAsian Glad to be of use; thanks to YOU for this beautiful model conversion! You have no idea how long I waited for someone to port this specific car. ;-;

    há 11 horas atrás
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    @ArcticAsian and everyone facing issues with the Add-On version:

    Finally found some free time and looked into the issue. Turns out it's more than one.
    After an hour of trying various things, I finally got things to work as I wanted them to.

    1) The ERR_SYS_FILELOAD crashes are caused by the content.xml file (A90\dlc.rpf\content.xml), which is full of incorrect paths to .meta and .rpf files, some of which are nonexistent too.
    I fixed it - you can copy-paste from here:

    2) The car still won't spawn because every instance of the model mentioned in the carcols, carvariations, handling and vehicles .meta files is "2019supra" while the Model/Texture files are named "A90".

    You have to change it every instance of "2019supra" to "A90" in the 4 .meta files mentioned above. They aren't many; use the search function to locate them, it'll be quicker than copy-pasting entire documents.

    3) The car should spawn just fine now, but you won't be able to change its liveries.
    A flag is missing from the vehicles.meta file. Edit your vehicles.meta and add the "FLAG_HAS_LIVERY" to the list of flags - or just copy-paste the entire file if this is too confusing for you:

    Additionally, if you can't change the car's suspension, window tint, etc. either, it means there's a modkit ID conflict, meaning more than one of your mods uses the same modkit ID and you need to change it in the carcols.meta and carvariations.meta files.
    This mod uses modkit ID 973, which is 205, since modkits can only range between 0~255 and anything above that goes back to the start (256 = 0 for instance, 257 = 1, and so on). (973 - 256 * 3 = 205)
    Change in carcols.meta and carvariations.meta the following:
    Where it says "973_2019supra_modkit" type "0_default_modkit".
    And where it says just "973" type "0".
    The car has no tuning parts, so don't worry about using the default modkit.

    This should eliminate crashes, allow you to spawn the car and tune it just fine, including changing liveries.
    Note that if the mod author decides to add a modkit type of tuning parts to the car, these files will need editing all over again. Hopefully the author will do that though.
    Also a modkit (as far as I know) isn't used for "Extras" kind of tuning.

    Hope this helps!

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    há 13 horas atrás
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    @ibrahim khan
    I'm still testing stuff - I seem to be having other issues atm, so I'll repost my comment with updates in a bit. Yvw!

    há 14 horas atrás
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    @ibrahim khan I did lots of changes and one of them fixed it, but I don't really know which :/ for example, the car model in carvariations.meta is named "2019supra" while the model itself is named "A90"... the entire archive I downloaded was a complete mess tbh. In some other files, it mentions some .meta files that don't even exist in the archive.
    In the end, since I didn't know what change fixed it, I just used another mod's folder and replaced the model/textures as well as the model names and everything else in the meta files, to match the new one. Gl!

    há 17 horas atrás
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    Add-on crashing for me as well since the update ;-; and the previous version, I had to manually edit some files to get it to work. I dun wanna use replace! :c

    há 22 horas atrás