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    I too have this mod without directly installing it and the F6 toggle conflicts with another mod I have. How do I find the mod as I search airbreak in my system and it returns no files. I wouldn't mind even just changing the of/off F6 setting.

    15 de Abril de 2017
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    where do you find the "sports biker" once you've updated the files?

    29 de Março de 2017
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    what is meant by handrake? Should that be handbrake? Either way what controls do you use to make use of this mod?

    25 de Março de 2017
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    Didn't realize that the mod would start automatically rather than load and unload the mod the way julionibs does his mod. How do you remove this mod?

    04 de Março de 2017
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    I don't know why it is but after adding 1 car, spano2016, every time I add another car the game crashes. It is not because of adding the folder \rubi3d or the file that goes with it (I tested this). It is when I change "<Item>dlcpacks:\rubi3d\</Item> " and I copied a pasted from this page. Does anyone know how to be able to have more than "addon" cars in the game? I had the same issue with Pedaddon and got around that by downloading a different gameconfig.xml file.

    20 de Dezembro de 2016
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    Is there a way to change the "hot key" to something other than "L"? I've tried to find an ini file but have yet to find one. The "L" button can be an issue when manually adding something (it triggers the ped list when I don't want it to).

    11 de Dezembro de 2016
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    For people stuck with a low ped count (I was stuck and 3 and anymore than that and the game would crash at start-up) it was suggested I try this gameconfig update:

    As a precaution be sure to back up existing gameconfig.xml. I am up to 8 at this point without any issues.

    10 de Dezembro de 2016
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    I am stuck where I can't have more than 3 peds. Otherwise it works fine. One observation is in the "info" part of the ped selector is says version 2.0 although I've downloaded the current version 2.2. Should the info display 2.2? I've ready other comments and one suggested changing a file value in the gameconfig.xml for the line "<MaxExtraPedModelInfos value="***"/> line but my default is 100. I see people on-line add about 100 peds to the ped menu but I can't get past 3.

    03 de Dezembro de 2016