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    I only need nudity and women characters wearing bare clothes to be set off.

    need the rest to be set as default.

    Is it possible? can u help? Thank you

    02 de Outubro de 2023
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    I enjoy your mods...
    Don't listen to the dislikers.
    They prefer you to get naked and make nude mods.

    02 de Outubro de 2023
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    @R3QQ Thanks brother.
    You may wonder, but I want these settings to keep my own eyes and ears away from watching and hearing Nudity and Curses all the time although it's not real, but has real effects on anyone.

    Your mod is great and helped me in that case.

    Would appreciate if you could add more personalization to it such as letting others know how to add only some of the settings.
    For example, I only needed to restrict the nudity and curses, it was so hard to check every other setting to turn them in game's default way of being.

    Thanks for sharing the links. I'll use them.

    But could you include all of those mods in your own?

    02 de Outubro de 2023
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    Thanks for this great mod.
    I wonder if it's possible to only have a config file containing nudity and speech settings in it?
    I've had hard time trying to set the rest of the settings to act as normal settings of the game.

    Can I create such a file? and what things should I consider inside of it?

    29 de Setembro de 2023
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    Hello, For me when I get into a car, it shows a truck picture! I downloaded your file again and replaced again. but it shows a truck picture Idk why help. Can you send email to pls?

    25 de Maio de 2017