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  • Chop2

    @drlq99 Yes sir i did, i also know how frustrating it is to see ppl mentioning their ERROR's with mods while every one of us here has diffrent mod collection/PC-setup etc. so there isnt like one proper cure for these errors :c

    But as i mentioned in my comment above, Scheisser was working perfectly fine for me for 5 days, but when i had to reinstall it - it started to cause my game crash while loading =( I triple-checked if it's this mod and yes - it is. I guess the issue for me lays in DLC list, would love to see comment of some1 who had simillar issue. Loved the cruising in Scheisser for 5 days tho' =)

    26 de Maio de 2021
  • Chop2

    @michelsaw1 Whole Buying drug process looks like this:
    1.You have to step up to the guy without a weapon which comes from the Car, you press E
    2. -> Your money goes away ->
    3. You step on the Green Arrow which appears behind the Drug Dealer's car and u press E again, sometimes you have to press E multiple times
    4. -> When the Drug Dealer starts to get into his cars, and the trunk closes that means you have succesfully picked up Drugs.

    Now you just have to Stash them into your Stash House, Take them from the stash again and you can finally start hustling with them =)

    24 de Maio de 2021
  • Chop2

    Goddamn, i've reinstalled my MOD's folder and now this mod is crashing my game druing the Loading Screen.
    Any1 knows how to fix it :d?

    Tried gameconfig fix already. It was working perfectly fine untill i had to reinstall my mod folder because of other mod which was casuing me some problems. Thanks in advance!

    24 de Maio de 2021
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    Hello modding community, with all my love to WoV i've found out it's really impactfull on my game's FPS performance. I've tried many diffrent gameconfigs/settings to make it work well but i guess this mod simply adds too much diffrent things, so my mid-end PC cannot hold it.

    Would LOVE to see WoV Lite edition, or just learn how to disable some WoV features by myself, so i can find out what impacts the performance the most.

    Untill i buy a new PC/find out the way to get my performance back with WoV, i'll uninstall it but i am rating it 5/5 for it's immersivness =)

    24 de Maio de 2021
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  • Chop2

    Hey guys i have na issue, after installing LSLife im stuck in my room, in front of my PC (It’a been 11 hrs, srsly HELP) ^^

    Most immersive modification of GTA V i have experienced so far. Grind & Hustle is R.E.A.L, especially when combined with suggestested mods - BIG thanks for highlighting them!
    Looking forward for the updates of the mod + would be great if the author + community find even more diffrent modificiations which works well with LSLife :)

    Last notes,
    1) You can actually use the Zee”s Weapon Dealer as your personal bodyguard by not Dissmissing him, dunno if that was intended but inviting him to your car makes the deals on the dangerous hoods even more fun, wish i could somehow give him my armor&weapons to level up his attack and defense.

    2) A little out of context suggestion, to ADD option to sell the weapons to the Weapon Dealer. During the gameplay we can pick a lot of guns from the bodies of gangmembers, and at this moment i have 7x same type of pistol on my Car Stash =)

    Wish y’all best, i’ll also try to comeup with more ideas during the playthrough

    14 de Maio de 2021