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  • Be0c7a untitled 1
  • Be0c7a untitled 1

    @simpledojrp i do hope you aren't unlocking my work

    02 de Janeiro de 2021
  • Be0c7a untitled 1

    wrong battenburg
    wrong grill modules
    shading issues from bad lowering
    roof should be flush not clipping
    back of roof should follow the curvature of the transit
    plate doesn't match unit code
    cage is innacurate
    interior is very low res
    grill shouldn't have silver should be black
    interior of cage clips through van
    have you swallowed drugs signs are on cage doors
    there is no door when in reality there should be two on the cage
    skin is low res
    van should be white but has a strange tint
    un-needed textures contained within the van
    the L1/L2 version has been decimated therefore making it look severly low quality with items clipping
    seats should be next to eachother
    metropolitan police logo should be the same shade of blue as the battenburg
    plates are innacurate

    30 de Março de 2020
  • Be0c7a untitled 1

    @JessePinkman Nor will i be, i released this prior to the update that broke it. i hear doppler needs his arse licking...crack on pet

    30 de Março de 2020
  • Be0c7a untitled 1

    @JessePinkman Wigwags are fine, none of my models contain interiors. because its a screenshot why not. use baller2

    30 de Março de 2020
  • Be0c7a untitled 1

    I can appreciate that this is a work in progress, given this fact I have compiled a list of suggestions that would improve this model:
    - Radios are seemingly imprecise.
    - It does appear that the model contains an old-style MDT terminal, which is no longer used.
    - There also appears to be an iPhone on the dashboard? These are not routinely issued within the Met Police.
    - 371,500 polygons is quite high for a model; this could possibly result in game experience issues for some people.
    - There appears to be a boot partition used to split the cab, this is not on the real vehicle.
    - The aircon dome you have seemingly using is only used on the dog section vehicles.
    - The ‘big red key’ does appear to be clipping into a seat.
    - While there are windows on the outside there appears to no windows on the inside of the model.
    - ANPR camera appears to be in the wrong location.
    - You appear to using the wrong lightbar mounts, including the metal clip that holds the lightbar onto the roof rails on a car. A Sprinter does not have these.
    - You seem to have no tetra dome.
    - You happen to be using TIR3 modules in the grille when the real vehicle in-fact uses ION modules.
    - The number plate lights you are using appear to be of the wrong kind, and are also missing their textures.
    - The headlights found on the model happen to be of a higher spec than the Met police use. They are also very high poly and do not seem to have been lowered.
    - It would also appear that the wrong scene light modules have been used on the model.
    - On the model is just so happens that the Mercedes badge is on the back when this is removed on the real vehicle.
    - Your interior medic bags does seem to be clipping into the interior.
    - It also appears that the wheels you have used are inaccurate.
    - It seems your skin is very low resolution and also seems to be using the high grade reflective 3M overlay, which is as a matter of fact not used on the real life counter part of this vehicle.
    - Although you have identified the correct lightbar used on this model, it does seem that the length of the bar is incorrect.
    - Returning to the front of the model it does appear to have several different shades of grey, which are also not apparent on the real-life version of this model.
    - On the interior of the van you have included a ballistic shield, this is not something that members of the TSG within the Met Police carry.
    - Moving over to the textures file, there is a large number of textures included that are not used on the model. This could result in extra VRAM being used resulting in a negative gameplay experience.
    - You have also seemingly not included the number plates on the skin, this is now almost a ‘standard’ as such within the GTA community allowing people to have a number of different variants of the same model driving around in-game.
    - The model also seemingly has two sliding doors, this is not apparent on the real model.
    - When opening the doors on the model there are large holes/gaps that have not seemingly been filled.
    - The sliding doors also move a large amount away from the model it appears when in-game. Meaning the door is floating when open.
    - When opening the rear doors there is a selection of the door that remains statically in place seemingly resulting in holes and a mutilated door.
    - Also it does seem that when you enable ELS you can see the emissive light produced from the rear Vertex modules. But it does so look that the modules themselves are missing.
    - When looking above the front wheels the model also contains another hole resulting in the ability to see straight through onto the other side of the model it appears.
    - When damaging or shooting the windows in-game they do not seemingly break.
    - It does appear around the model there are several areas where extra polygons are clipping into other objects.
    - Switching over to the L1/L2 LODs there are a what appears to be a few issues where different objects have been incorrectly positioned. Including most of the emergency ELS lighting. This could result in the model not looking correct when a player moves away from the model.
    - Continuing with the L1/L2 LODs half of the model also appears to disappear, including the lightbars and most of the windows/interior. A weapon locker/safe also seemingly appears inside the model when switching to the lower LODs as well.

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    28 de Março de 2020
  • Be0c7a untitled 1
  • Be0c7a untitled 1
  • Be0c7a untitled 1
  • Be0c7a untitled 1